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Please note that product support for Microsoft software is not offered through the addresses above.. In Disk Management, you can create a striped set with parity by following these steps:. ?Using shadow copies. To close open files on a specific share, you must create a ForEach loop that only examines the open files for that share, such as:. In Windows Server 2012 R2, you connect to a network drive by mapping to it using NET USE and New-PsDrive. The syntax for NET USE is the following:. 1.In File Server Resource Manager, expand the Quota Management node, and then select Quotas.. 5.To configure the path or key and replace permissions, select Configure This Key Then, and then do one of the following:. ? Redirect To The User’s Home DirectoryIf you select this option, the folder is redirected to a subdirectory within the user’s home directory. You set the location of the user’s home directory with the %HomeDrive% and %HomePath% environment variables.. When you start the DHCP server or a new day arrives, a header message is written to the log file. This header provides a summary of DHCP events and their meanings. Stopping and starting the DHCP Server service doesn’t clear a log file. Log data is kept for a week. For example, the DHCP Server service clears and starts over Monday’s log the following Monday. You don’t have to monitor space usage by the DHCP Server service. The service is configured to monitor itself and restricts disk space usage by default.. Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) is a dynamic IPv4 addressing protocol that predates DHCP. Normal scopes don’t support BOOTP. To enable a scope to support BOOTP, follow these steps:. ?Understanding DNS. Configuring global names. To create a CNAME record, follow these steps:. Print Management can automatically detect all network printers located on the same subnet as the computer on which the console is running. After detection, Print Management can automatically install the appropriate printer drivers, set up print queues, and share the printers. To automatically install network printers and configure a print server, follow these steps:. A network-attached print device is attached directly to the network through a network adapter card or a wireless network card. Network-attached printers are configured as network print devices so that they’re accessible to network users as shared print devices. Remember that the server on which you configure the print device becomes the print server for the device you’re configuring..