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can a windows keyboard be used on a mac what windows is my computer

There are various ways to present this kind of information, but we find that tables, logically divided by category, are easy on the eyes and mind. Tables 1-1 through 1-10 show how the mainstream product editions stack up.. Figure 1-3: ARM-based tablets will typically be thinner and lighter, and offer better battery life, than Intel-type designs. [Картинка: i_004.jpg]. If you performed an in-place upgrade or a migration, now is the time to see which customizations made it across—check by clicking the Desktop tile—and to ensure that your documents and other files are where they belong. We examine post-Setup tasks later in the chapter, but this is a good place to begin.. With Windows 8 and older Windows versions, it was generally important to install a security solution, such as Microsoft Security Essentials, before continuing on to other applications. But Windows 8 includes the functionality from Security Essentials as part of the Windows Defender solution, so this is no longer necessary. If you prefer a third-party security solution for some reason, however, you should install that first.. Ditto for Metro. Microsoft refuses to name this environment, or even use the term Metro, but we’re not so shy. There are two main user experiences in Windows 8, and while one is the desktop environment we all know and love from previous Windows versions, the other is… Metro. At least that’s what we’re calling it.. Accessing the Windows Desktop. • How Metro experiences are exposed on the desktop. Either way, the effect is the same, and you will visually peek through to the desktop, so that any floating windows that were on-screen will disappear temporarily, replaced by the outlines shown in Figure 4-6.. While Windows 8 offers the same Screen Resolution and Personalize context menus from the desktop as did its predecessor, Windows 7, Windows 8 also expands on this notion of desktop settings by making some of these features available via a

handy new Metro-based Settings interface as well. This feature is accessed via the Charms bar, as noted previously. But if you’re a keyboard maven, you can also access Settings from the desktop (or from any Metro-style experience) more quickly by tapping Winkey + I.. • Shopping: Here, you’ll find apps for and your other favorite retailers as well as apps related to the shopping experience, including reviews-based apps.. Not all Metro apps do.. The second form of Internet Explorer leadership over competing browsers is performance. One of the most amazing transitions we’ve witnessed in recent years is the methodical remaking of Internet Explorer’s rendering capabilities from being software driven to being pervasively hardware accelerated. This means that any modern PC can offload the rendering of virtually any o-screen element in the browser from the PC’s microprocessor to its graphics processing unit, or GPU. The result is better performance, better battery life, and less general overhead for the system. It’s not just a win-win. It’s a win-win-win.NOTE. In Chapter 8, we discussed how many of Windows 8’s productivity apps are simple clients for online services provided by Microsoft and other companies. As such, you must sign in to your Microsoft account to access many of these apps, even if you’ve elected—against our advice—to not automatically do so by signing in to the PC with a Microsoft account.. • Protecting your PC from malware and viruses with Windows Defender. This is exciting because both of us have used MSE for years, and we trust it to protect not only our own PCs, but more crucially those of our families and friends. And we’ve experienced no major issues yet. Not once..

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