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Finally, the easy sharing of data, which we described above as an advantage, may turn out to be a two-edged sword. If people can conveniently access data all over the system, they may equally be able to conveniently access data that they have no business looking at. In other words, security is often a problem. For data that must be kept secret at all costs, it is often preferable to have a dedicated, isolated personal computer that has no network connections to any other machines, and is kept in a locked room with a secure safe in which all the floppy disks are stored. The disadvantages of distributed systems are summarized in Fig. 1-3.. 9. When buffered communication is used, a primitive is normally available for user processes to create mailboxes. In the text it was not specified whether this primitive must specify the size of the mailbox. Give an argument each way.. The goals of the scheduler activation work are to mimic the functionality of kernel threads, but with the better performance and greater flexibility usually associated with threads packages implemented in user space. In particular, user threads should not have to be make special nonblocking system calls or check in advance if it is safe to make certain system calls. Nevertheless, when a thread blocks on a system call or on a page fault, it should be possible to run other threads within the same process, if any are ready.. Finding a workstation is only the first step. Now the process has to be run there. Moving the code is easy. The trick is to set up the remote process so that it sees the same environment it would have locally, on thehome workstation,and thus carries out the same computation it would have locally.. Almost all published models assume that the system is fully interconnected, that is, every processor can communicate with every other processor. We will assume this as well. This assumption does not mean that every machine has a wire to every other machine, just that transport connections can be established between every pair. That messages may have to be routed hop by hop over a sequence of machines is of interest only to the lower layers. Some networks support broadcasting or multicasting, and some algorithms use these facilities.. The essential idea of the primary-backup method is that at any one instant, one server is the primary and does all the work. If the primary fails, the backup takes over. Ideally, the cutover should take place in a clean way and be noticed only by the client operating system, not by the application programs. Like active replication, this scheme is widely used in the world. Some examples are government (the Vice President), aviation (co-pilots), automobiles (spare tires), and diesel-powered electrical generators in hospital operating rooms.. Second, the algorithm must decide what to

do when the cache fills up and something must be evicted. Any of the standard caching algorithms can be used here, but because cache references are so infrequent compared to memory references, an exact implementation of LRU using linked lists is generally feasible. When something has to be evicted, the oldest one is chosen. If an up-to-date copy exists on disk, the cache copy is just discarded. Otherwise, the disk is first updated.. Fig. 6-4. An example of how a cache ownership protocol works.. Note that the broadcasting primitive must be reliable, meaning that lower layers automatically detect and recover from lost messages. The Amoeba system, on which Orca was developed, has such a feature. Although the algorithm will be described in detail in Chap. 7, we will summarize it here very briefly. Each message to be broadcast is sent to a special process called thesequencer,which assigns it a sequence number and then broadcasts it using the unreliable hardware broadcast. Whenever a process notices a gap in the sequence numbers, it knows that it has missed a message and takes action to recover.. Another field contains the process’ owner’s capability. When the process terminates or is stunned (see below), RPCs will be done using this capability to report the event. It also contains descriptors for all the process’ segments, which collectively define its address space, as well as descriptors for all its threads.. Amoeba supports a simple threads model. When a process starts up, it has one thread. During execution, the process can create additional threads, and existing threads can terminate. The number of threads is therefore completely dynamic. When a new thread is created, the parameters to the call specify the procedure to run and the size of the initial stack.. Fig. 7-14. (a) The sequencer crashes. (b) A coordinator is selected. (c) Recovery.. Consider, for example, a system that analyzes digitized satellite images of the earth in real time, as they are transmitted to the ground. Such analysis is time consuming, and the same picture has to be examined for use in weather forecasting, predicting crop harvests, and tracking pollution. As each picture is received, it is stored as a file.. Every process (and port) has aprotection identifierassociated with it. If the process forks, its children inherit the same protection identifier. This identifier is just a bit string, and does not have any semantics associated with it that the kernel knows about. Protection identifiers provide a mechanism which can be used for authentication. For example, the UNIX subsystem could assign a UID (user identifier) with each process and use the Chorus protection identifiers to implement the UIDs.. 10.5. DIRECTORY SERVICE.

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