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I’m also looking forward to the new Mercedes SLK, although I’m a bit alarmed that industry insiders are saying it’ll be a more hardcore experience than the ‘soft’ outgoing model. Having owned an SLK 55, which I sold because it was way too uncomfortable, I am a bit worried that the new car might not have any suspension at all.. As a result of all this, I approached the Freelander wearing the cruel smile of an SS officer who’d been given some pliers, a dungeon and a freshly downed Tommy airman to play with. I was going to torture it. Ridicule it. And then rip it to shreds.. Mercedes-Benz SLS Roadster. But it’s not all about straight-line speed. By mounting the gearbox at the back, and using a carbon-fibre prop shaft that weighs about the same as a mouse, the engineers have made sure the weight is distributed perfectly. You feel that when you hustle it and it surprises you: because you can’t reallyunderstand how something with a bonnet that vast can feel so small and agile. And you especially can’t understand when your ears are bleeding and your hair is in the slipstream three counties back.. I can’t see the point, frankly. If you want a convertible, you want something that’s a bit daft. And this new car… just isn’t.1 October 2011. You would imagine also that when it comes to cars the world is one harmonious, homogenized lake of similar goals, similar machinery and similar driving styles.. Ever since it minced into the marketplace sixteen years ago, Mercedes’ little SLK has been the world’s only transgender car. Even though it was born with an Adam’s apple, dressed in shorts and trained to use the urinals, it has always been as girlie as a pink bedroom full of soft toys.. Squeeze in, Queenie, there’s space next to Tom Cruise. This didn’t stop the naysayers. They argued that the whole weekend had been a celebration of class and privilege, that it had failed to elicit much support away from SW1, that it had been too expensive, that the weather had done more damage than anyone would admit and that the BBC’s coverage had been lamentable.. It’s not just the royal family who get this wrong, either. Last month officers from Strathclyde police arrived in London to arrest Andy Coulson, having made the journey in a Hyundai people carrier. They reckoned they had enough evidence to charge the former editor of theNews of the World, and I was thinking, Really? You can’t even choose a decent car.. It’s certainly cheap… but I can’t find cheerful. So, in the early days of the motorcar anything designed to carry stuff in the back was called a shooting brake, and when these became common on various estates around the country, the generic name changed to‘estate car’. Think about that the next time you fire up the five-door Ford Escort.. I wonder. Does AA Gill review a restaurant when he has a cold? Because surely, when your eyes are streaming and your head is full of hot mercury and your nose is like a leaky tap, it must be very hard to tell whether you’re eating fish or chicken.. You buy a 911 like you buy wine in a restaurant. You go for the second cheapest. And that’s the two-wheel-drive Carrera S.Autocar agrees with me on this. It says the two-wheel-drive versions are purer and more involving. Doubtless this is so. But more importantly, some of them are more than?17,000 cheaper and make you look less of a plonker.3 March 2013. And yet. My inner man loved foraging about in the Merc, finding solutions to problems that no one knew existed. It also comes with an engine.27 October 2013.