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Let us take the trains as a prime example. As we know, they all grind to a halt whenever it is too warm or too cold or too autumnal, but of course the problem is much bigger than that. A railway locomotive is extremely expensive. I don’t know how much it would cost to buy one, but I’m guessing that it would be several hundred pounds.. Strangely, though, in this sea of wholesome goodness, the car I’ve been anticipating with the most eagerness is Citro?n’s DS3 Racing. I realize that this is like booking a table at the Wolseley in London and then looking forward most of all to the bread rolls. But the fact is this: when the sun is shining, I like a simple two-seater convertible most of all, but when it isn’t – and this is Britain, after all – the type of car that I most enjoy driving is a hot hatchback. And the DS3 Racing is about as hot as hot hatches get right now.. Go on. Buy one. You may think it’s a stupid idea now, but trust me on this. On your deathbed, you’ll remember a drive you took in it. And you’ll go through the Pearly Gates smiling.11 September 2011. Ten years later Ford did it again, showing us a fantastic-looking concept called Iosis. It said at the time that the next version of the Mondeo would look very similar. And it did, except for every single detail.. When it’s up, the refinement is genuinely astonishing.. Unless you are running General Motors. Protecting all the brands it controls is nowhere near as important as making any damn thing to keep the bankruptcy wolf from eating the company’s front door. Which explains the Chevrolet Orlando LTZ in which I endured a mercifully brief drive recently.. ‘Bong.’. But there is a bit of a drawback here. In sixth, at 85 mph, it’s doing 3000 rpm, which makes it noisy. Very noisy. I’m tempted to say too noisy. It gave me a headache.. I also loved the quality of the stereo and the DAB radio system that let me listen to Christian FM. This is much better than normal radio because you are not warned about traffic jams ahead. Only the fact that you will soon be engulfed by God’s fiery love.. The truth is that you can have just as many seats, the same engine, the same gearbox, the same level of quality, the same ride and even more space for less money if you buy a normal, even-more-economical E-class estate.. I don’t turn around when I see a Lamborghini or a Ferrari going the other way, in the same way that people who work at the chocolate factory don’t stand and salivate at the petrol station’s confectionery counter.. I also like the way that, in the Porsche, you can choose which sporty element you’d like at any given moment. In most cars, you push the Sport button and it alters everything; the gearbox, the exhaust noise, the steering and the engine response. In the 911 each one of these can be adjusted individually.. I also decided that Audi does a pretty good interior these days. Everything is sensibly placed, intuitive and well screwed together.. The styling is quite childish as well. It’s pretty in the same way as a child’s fridge-door drawing of a princess is pretty. It’s simple and clean, and I stand by my earlier claim that it is one of the best-looking cars yet made. Precisely because it isn’t trying to be all grown-up and German.. Anyway, Vine said that when an elderly lady is marooned in the middle of the road and the lights go green for traffic, motorists start to rev their engines. Really? What motorists do this? I have been driving for thirty-six years and not once have I ever been tempted to rev my engine to encourage an old woman to get a bloody move on. What’s more, I’ve never heard anyone else do it either. The idea that an adult would do such a thing is preposterous..