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// BuggedSearch.cpp.   ifstream in(“Sbufget.cpp”);. }. } ///:~.    }. Themin_element( ) andmax_element( ) algorithms are straightforward; the only thing that’s a bit odd is that it looks like the function is being dereferenced with a ‘*’. Actually, the returned iterator is being dereferenced to produce the value for printing..   generate(v.begin(), v.end(), CharGen());. 222 8432.   basicOps>(“list”);. The rest of the example should be self-explanatory when you run it; if not you can find the details in your compiler’s documentation or in the other documentation mentioned earlier in this chapter.. #define PURGE_H. //: C10:ShapeFactory2.cpp. // Adding more threads..     return os<< "Entrance "<<<< ": "<< e.number;.   }.