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can class be static in c++ class marker

the suitability of this software for any purpose.. int main() {. It turns out thatvector is a little more flexible than we have described, as seen in the next section.. };. struct Power {.   MyVector v3;. using namespace std;.   require(original.size()>= 4, “Must have four elements”);.   backInsertion(vi);.       return iterator(*r, r->insert(it, x));. You’ll notice that the interface forRing is quite limited; in particular, there is noend( ), since a ring just keeps looping. This means that you won’t be able to use aRing in any STL algorithms that require a past-the-end iterator, which is many of them. (It turns out that adding this feature is a nontrivial exercise.) Although this can seem limiting, considerstack,queue, andpriority_queue, which don’t produce any iterators at all!..   BicycleBuilder* r = new RacingBikeBuilder;.     BadShapeCreation(string type). KungFuGuy now battles against a NastyWeapon */ ///:~. class Argument {};.