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    int guess = (low + high) / 2;.       test_(!isPrime(i++));. // Filter to remove html tags and markers.   string line;.   cout<< "Inner == "<< typeid(R).name()<< endl;. In addition to the function template, this program defines two non-template functions: a C-style string version ofmin and adouble version. If the template doesn’t exist at all, the call in line 1 above have invokes thedouble version ofmin because of the standard conversion fromint todouble. Since the template can generate anint version, however, that is considered a better match (of course!); so that’s what happens. The call in line 2 is an exact match for thedouble version, of course, and the call in line 3 also invokes the same function, implicitly converting 1 to 1.0. In line 4 theconst char* version ofmin is called directly. In line 5 we force the compiler to use the template facility by appending empty angle brackets to the function name,

whereupon it generates aconst char* version from the template and uses it (which is verified by the wrong answer—it’s just comparing addresses![52]). If you’re wondering why we usedusing declarations in lieu of theusing namespace std; directive, some compilers include headers behind the scenes that bring instd::min, which would conflict with our declarations of the namemin..   // Type deduction:.   for(int i = size(); i> 0; i–). #include. using namespace std;.   int getQuantity() const { return quantity; }. #include.   Sighting operator()() {. public:. After each robot finishes its task (changing the state of theCar in the process), it callstaskFinished( ), which sends asignal( ) to thereadyCondition, which is what theDirector is waiting on inwaitUntilWorkFinished( ). Each time the director thread awakens, the state of theCar is checked, and if it still isn’t finished, that thread is suspended again..

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