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  void* ptr;.       i = sieveChars.find_first_not_of(‘P’, i);. #include. If bothi andj areints, the compiler knows that you needmin, which it then instantiates automatically. The types must be identical, because the template was originally specified with only one template type argument used for both function parameters. No standard conversions are applied for function arguments whose type is specified by a template parameter. For example, if you wanted to find the minimum of anint and adouble, the following attempt at a call tomin would fail:.. (Recall thattolower andtoupper traffic inint instead ofchar.) The cast above makes clear that the single-argument version oftolower is desired. Once again, this works with some compilers, but it is not required to. The reason, albeit obscure, is that a library implementation is allowed to give “C linkage” (meaning that the function name does not contain all the auxiliary information[54] that normal C++ functions do) to functions inherited from the C language. If this is the case, the cast fails, becausetransform is a C++ function template and expects its fourth argument to have C++ linkage—and a cast is not allowed to change the linkage. What a predicament!.. #include “NumStringGen.h”.   generate(v.begin(), v.end(), CharGen());.       inv.getQuantity(), inv.getValue());.   copy(ci.begin(), ci.end(),. // statistics as the program terminates:.     cout<< *it<< ": "<< count<< endl;.   }.   cout<< i<< endl;. Usingmultithreading, each of these independent subtasks is driven by athread of execution, and you program as if each thread runs by itself and has the CPU to itself. An underlying mechanism is actually dividing up the CPU time for you, but in general, you don’t have to think about it, which helps to simplify programming with multiple threads.. There is no language support to help prevent deadlock; it’s up to you to avoid it by careful design. These are not comforting words to the person who’s trying to debug a deadlocking program..