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can class name and filename be different in java class rings for men

  }. Exception specifications and inheritance. #define fail_(str) \.         sieveChars[factor * i] = ‘N’;. //{L} ../TestSuite/Test. Adds the element *(last-1) to the heap determined by the range[first, last-1). In other words, it places the last element in its proper location in the heap.. Thus, it’s similar totransform( ), but two operations are performed instead of one..     reinterpret_cast(.   cout<< "Indexing vector: "<< ticks<< endl;. Using RTTI with templates.         bin.push_back(new Paper((rand() % 1000)/10.0));. class Singleton {.   cout<< "Press to quit”<< endl;.       }. GUI: graphical user interface· 188.