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The source package is the foundation of everything in Debian. All Debian packages come from a source package, and each modification in a Debian package is the consequence of a modification made to the source package. The Debian maintainers work with the source package, knowing, however, the consequences of their actions on the binary packages. The fruits of their labors are found, thus, in the source packages available from Debian: you can easily go back and follow everything.. Looking at the man page for thealien command, you will also note that this program also handles other packaging formats, especially those from the Slackware distribution (they are a simple tar.gz archive).. Homepage: 7.1.1. Manual Pages. When recompiling a more recent version of the kernel (possibly with an additional patch), the configuration will most likely be kept as close as possible to that proposed by Debian. In this case, and rather than reconfiguring everything from scratch, it is sufficient to copy the /boot/config-version file (the version is that of the kernel currently used, which can be found with theuname -r command) into a .config file in the directory containing the kernel sources.. This backup mechanism is easily implemented with thedirvish program. It uses a backup storage space (“bank” in its vocabulary) in which it places timestamped copies of sets of backup files (these sets are called “vaults” in the dirvish documentation).. State or Province Name (full name) [Loire]:. file /etc/ppp/options.pptp. dc=falcot,dc=com. This command creates a certificate in the newcert.pem file; the corresponding private key is stored in newkey.pem.. on the sdc disk, a sdc3 partition, 3 GB;. It may also make sense to share part of the filesystem, such as the /usr and /lib subtrees, so as to avoid duplicating the software that may need to be common to several containers. This will usually be achieved with lxc.mount.entry entries in the containers configuration file. An interesting side-effect is that the processes will then use less physical memory, since the kernel is able to detect that the programs are shared. The marginal cost of one extra container can then be reduced to the disk space dedicated to its specific data, and a few extra processes that the kernel must schedule and manage.. Some video card makers (most notably nVidia) refuse to publish the hardware specifications that would be required to implement good free drivers. They do, however, provide proprietary drivers that allow using their hardware. This policy is nefarious, because even when the provided driver exists, it is usually not as polished as it should be; more importantly, it does not necessarily follow the updates, which may prevent the latest available driver from loading correctly (or at all). We cannot condone this behaviour, and we recommend you avoid these makers and favour more cooperative manufacturers.. GOING FURTHER Menus standardization. 15.1.2. Making Changes.