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can dns server affect speed is server npm

3.Tap or click OK. If you elected to initialize disks, Windows writes a disk signature to the disks and initializes the disks with the basic disk type.. ? Reset DiskEnables you to completely reset the disk, which deletes all volumes on the disk and removes all available data on the disk.. Before you use the Convert utility, determine whether the partition is being used as the active boot partition or a system partition containing the operating system. You can convert the active boot partition to NTFS. Doing so requires that the system gain exclusive access to this partition, which can be obtained only during startup. Thus, if you try to convert the active boot partition to NTFS, Windows Server 2012 R2 displays a prompt asking if you want to schedule the drive to be converted the next time the system starts. If you tap or click Yes, you can restart the system to begin the conversion process.. ? Size Of Available Shrink Space In MBLists the maximum amount by which the volume can be shrunk. This doesn’t represent the total amount of free space on the volume; rather, it represents the amount of space that can be removed, not including any data reserved for the master file table, volume snapshots, page files, and temporary files.. 4.On the Specify Share Permissions page, configure access for UNIX hosts. Hosts. To start inheriting permissions from a parent object, follow these steps:. b.Grant or deny access permissions in the Permissions box.. 2.In the Add A File Or Folder dialog box, select the file or folder path or value with which you want to work, and then tap or click OK.. 3.Use Secedit /Analyze to compare the template settings to a computer’s current settings.. 1.In the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), press and hold or right-click the Group Policy object (GPO) for the site, domain, or organizational unit with which you want to work, and then tap or click Edit to open the policy editor for the GPO.. 9.You have the opportunity to configure common DHCP options for DNS, WINS, gateways, and more. If you want to set these options now, select Yes, I Want To Configure These Options Now; otherwise, select No, I Will Configure These Options Later and skip steps 10–15.. 2.When prompted to confirm that you want to delete the scope, tap or click Yes.. NOTEIf all recursive query tests fail, the advanced server option Disable Recursion might be selected. Tap or click the Advanced tab and check the server options.. 1.In Server Manager, tap or click Manage, and then tap or click Add Roles And Features, or select Add Roles And Features in the Quick Start pane. This starts the Add Roles And Features Wizard. If the wizard displays the Before You Begin page, read the Welcome text, and then select Next.. ?To restore application data, tap or click Applications, and then tap or click Next. On the Select Application page, under Applications, tap or click the application you want to recover. If the backup you are using is the most recent, you might encounter a check box labeled Do Not Perform A Roll-Forward Recovery Of The Application Databases. Select this check box if you want to prevent Windows Server Backup from rolling forward the application database that is currently on your server. Tap or click Next. Because any data on the destination volume will be lost when you perform the recovery, make sure that the destination volume is empty or does not contain information you will need later..