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can emacs work emacs master

If you pressC-c C-c to install them, the new tab settings affect all buffers that you create but remain in effect for this Emacs session only.. В В В В В {. To usec-macro-expand, you must first define a region. Then, when you typeC-c C-e, it takes the code within the region, passes it through the actual C preprocessor, and places the output in a window called*Macroexpansion*.. 9.5.9 Learning More about the JDEE. Changing a value, however, is not the last step you have to take. You need to save the change before it will take effect. You use the State button to save the change (as mentioned earlier, to save all the values on a page in the same way, you can use the options near the top of the screen). As with other parts of Custom, you can use your mouse or the keyboard. Clicking the left mouse button on State should bring up the list shown inFigure 10-4. Depending on the variable and the change you made (if any), you may or may not have all of the options available.. Click on INS to the left of the PDF entry.. Buffer highlighting. This statement should be the first in a function, that is, right after the line containing thedefun and the documentation string (which we will cover shortly). Usinginteractive causes Emacs to register the function as a command and to prompt the user for the arguments declared in thedefun statement. The prompt string is optional.. Basic operators. 11.5.4 Lisp Code for the Calculator Mode. В В (interactive). After you have created your Lisp directory, you can make loading and running your Lisp files more efficient bybyte-compiling them, or translating their code intobyte code, a more compact, machine-readable form. Byte-compiling the Lisp filefilename.el creates the byte code filefilename.elc. Byte code files are typically 40 to 75 percent of the size of their non-byte-compiled counterparts.. We saw an example of Emacs’s completion facility inChapter 1. Completion is more than just a feature: it is a general principle in the design of Emacs. It can be articulated as follows:. 56. 92.