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The Fedora Core installation boot software is usually started from a CD or DVD disc. It’s also possible to boot from a USB flash disk drive if the system’s BIOS supports it, or to boot from a network boot server using the PXE protocol. Table 1-1 outlines the boot media requirements.. xterm has support for Fontconfig/Xft and can be used to test a Fontconfig font name. The command-line option to use is -fa (face); if the font name contains spaces, be sure to quote it on the command line. Here are some examples:.       RX packets:0 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0. This will createnewdirectory in the current working directory. You could also specify the directory name using an absolute or relative-to-home pathname.. *** This is a test. ***. ? other: —. 4.9.4. Where Can I Learn More?. #yum removehttpd. Atarball is an archive of files created bytar(thetape archiving program) and usually compressed usinggzip . By convention, source code tarballs are named .tgz and all of the files extract into a directory named ; for example,fen-10.4.tgz would extract into the directory./fen-10.4/ .. #vgextend main/dev/sde1. Logical volume “database” created. 7.6. Configuring the sendmail Server. You’ll notice that all of the standard aliases are redirected toroot but on most systems, no one checks theroot mailbox, so you should start by defining who is to receive mail addressed toroot . Uncomment the last line of this file and replace marc with a valid user ID:. Block size: 4096. The contents of/etc/nologin will be displayed as a message to the user in a dialog box when he attempts to log in using the graphical user interface. In the case of a character-mode login, the file will be displayed but the screen will be cleared immediately, making it nearly impossible to read the message. The SSH daemon will not display the message at all. .