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Figure 2-7. Desktop Background Preferences window [Картинка: i_042.jpg]. EndSection. bin etc lost+found mnt proc sbin sys usr. $mount. 18. config.status: creating libmorph/Makefile. #pvmove/dev/hda3. When a drive fails, this script will announce something like “Attention! RAID event: Failed on/dev/md0 , element/dev/sdc1 ” using the Festival speech synthesizer. It will also announce the start and completion of array rebuilds and other important milestones (make sure you keep the volume turned up).. bluesky IN A MySQL is a Structured Query Language (SQL) database server. It provides rapid access to large sets of structured data, such as customer lists, sports scores, student marks, product catalogs, blog comments, or event schedules. The MySQL database runs as a server daemon namedmysqld , and many different types of software can connect to the server to access data.. sunrpc on /var/lib/nfs/rpc_pipefs type rpc_pipefs (rw). session optional Rawhide can also be directly installed using the Fedora network installation method.. Click on the Network Install button, and the Network Installation Dialog in Figure 10-18 will appear.. # Change the login welcome message for text consoles. #ln -s /etc/xen/fedora/etc/xen/auto.