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Once the system has been booted, the rest of the installation software can be on a DVD, several CDs, an existing hard drive partition on the computer (or an external hard disk drive), or an FTP, NFS, or HTTP server. Table 1-2 outlines the requirements.. To change which sound device is being configured, click File->Change Device and select the device from the list (in KMix, select the device using the “Current mixer” control).. Using newly installed fonts. State: connected. #cdzd1201-0.14-fw. %_builddir %{_tmppath}. mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{_datadir}/icons. + cd /home/chris/rpm/tmp. Pass 2: Checking directory structure. This is another two-partition mirror, incorporating/dev/hda3 as device 0 and/dev/hdc2 as device 1. It’s 1,048,576 blocks long (1 GB), and both devices are active.. #mkfs -t ext3/dev/test/mysql. #mkdir/tmp/zftree.  echo “========= Processing $VGLV…”. …(Lines snipped)…. 10.7.4. Where Can I Learn More?.