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Username. In Linux, renaming and moving files are considered the same operation and are performed with themv command. In either cases, you’re changing the pathname under which the file is stored without changing the contents of the file.. So far we have been assuming that the user is using thebash shell; if the user of another shell (such astcsh ) tries to execute one of your scripts, it will be interpreted according to the language rules of that shell and will probably fail.. rm -rf %{buildroot}. #mkdir/mnt/database. node.session.iscsi.MaxBurstLength = 16776192. Nameservers for this subnet (they may be in the subnet, or they may be external). If there is more than one, list them all, separating the IP addresses or hostnames with commas.. ; Zone file for ‘’. Mar 4 22:14:58 core5 named[10977]: loading configuration from ‘/etc/named.conf’. Figure 8-3. Lokkit firewall configuration screen [Картинка: i_149.jpg]. By default,sudo won’t prompt the user for their password as long as they have entered it successfully in the last five minutes. To change this value, add this entry to the top of the/etc/sudoers file:. The host_purge and user_purge lines configure how quickly a blacklist entry is revoked; the default for both is two days.. #ls -Z /var/log/messages/var/log/cooling. Other repositories. Next, edit the/boot/grub/grub.conf file and add this line at the top, substituting the password you just generated:.