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To get the setting for a single control, use the get subcommand:. Figure 3-5. CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor [Картинка: i_073.jpg]. $cd dia-0.95. 0037. 4.9.4. Where Can I Learn More?. Although this command installs the repository files, most of them are disabled by default. This is because some repositories are not compatible.. Icon: CriticalMass.xpm. Specifies the static address for this host.. If you wish to share the printer with a client that knows only the older Line Printer Daemon (LPD) protocol, such as an older Linux/Unix system or a Windows NT system, you will need to install thecups-lpdpackage.. #. Fedora development is focused on the targeted policy. Changing the policy may lead to a number of unexpected system problems!. ? The NSA SELinux web site: Thefedora-devel-list andfedora-test-list discuss Rawhide-related developments and issues, and include automated reports describing changes that have been made to Rawhide packages.. #find/var/www/fedora-name ‘index.html*’ -print -exec rm {} \;  . # Change the login welcome message for text consoles.