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Matching an exception doesn’t require a perfect correlation between the exception and its handler. An object or reference to a derived-class object will match a handler for the base class. (However, if the handler is for an object rather than a reference, the exception object is “sliced”— truncated to the base type — as it is passed to the handler; this does no damage but loses all the derived-type information.) For this reason, as well as to avoid making yet another copy of the exception object, it is always better to catch an exception byreference instead of by value[3]. If a pointer is thrown, the usual standard pointer conversions are used to match the exception. However, no automatic type conversions are used to convert from one exception type to another in the process of matching, for example:.. destructing Trace #1. This example will even strip HTML tags that span multiple lines.[32] This is accomplished with the static flag,inTag, which istrue whenever the start of a tag is found, but the accompanying tag end

is not found in the same line. All forms oferase( ) appear in thestripHTMLFlags( ) function.[33] The version ofgetline( ) we use here is a global function declared in the header and is handy because it stores an arbitrarily long line in itsstring argument. You don’t have to worry about the dimension of a character array as you do withistream::getline( ). Notice that this program uses thereplaceAll( ) function from earlier in this chapter. In the next chapter, we’ll use string streams to create a more elegant solution.. template void f(T);. // Accumulates the results of F(0)..F(n).   int x[] = { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 };.     if(servtime> ttime) {.     push_heap(begin(), end(), comp);.     pop_heap(v.begin(), v.end(), comp);. // is only available as part of the SGI STL.   Security* sp = new Metal;. #include.     s = “Chrysanthemum”;. int main() {.   }.

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