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At first glance, mailboxes appear to eliminate the race conditions caused by messages being discarded and clients giving up. However, mailboxes are finite and can fill up. When a message arrives for a mailbox that is full, the kernel once again is confronted with the choice of either keeping it around for a while, hoping that at least one message will be extracted from the mailbox in time, or discarding it. These are precisely the same choices we had in the unbuffered case. Although we have perhaps reduced the probability of trouble, we have not eliminated it, and have not even managed to change its nature.. Schroeder and Burrows give some advice to future designers based on their experience. To start with, they recommend avoiding weird hardware (only one of the Firefly’s five processors has access to the Ethernet, so packets have to be copied there before being sent, and getting them there is unpleasant). They also regret having based their system on UDP. The overhead, especially from the checksum, was not worth the cost. In retrospect, they believe a simple custom RPC protocol would have been better. Finally, using busy waiting instead of having the server stub go to sleep would have largely eliminated the single largest time sink in Fig. 2-27(a).Copying. 3. A single point of failure in the system should be avoided.. Due to the relatively greater cost of creating and destroying threads in the kernel, some systems take an environmentally correct approach and recycle their threads. When a thread is destroyed, it is marked as not runnable, but its kernel data structures are not otherwise affected. Later, when a new thread must be created, an old thread is reactivated, saving some overhead. Thread recycling is also possible for user-level threads, but since the thread management overhead is much smaller, there is less incentive to do this.. The motivation for the processor pool idea comes from taking the diskless workstation idea a step further. If the file system can be centralized in a small number of file servers to gain economies of scale, it should be possible to do the same thing for compute servers. By putting all the CPUs in a big rack in the machine room, power supply and other packaging costs can be reduced, giving more computing power for a given amount of money. Furthermore, it permits the use of cheaper X terminals (or even ordinary ASCII terminals), and decouples the number of users from the number of workstations. The model also allows for easy incremental growth. If the computing load increases by 10 percent, you can just buy 10 percent more processors and put them in the pool.. Implicit in an algorithm that assigns processes to processors is that we are trying to optimize something. If this were not the case, we could just make the assignments at random or in numerical order. Precisely what it is that is being optimized, however, varies from one system to another. One possible goal is to maximizeCPU utilization,that is, maximize the number of cpu cycles actually executed on behalf of user jobs per hour of real time. Maximizing CPU utilization is another way of saying that CPU idle time is to be avoided at all costs. When in doubt, make sure that every CPU has something to do.. Each processor advertises its approximate price by putting it in a publicly readable file. This price is not guaranteed, but gives an indication

of what the service is worth (actually, it is the price that the last customer paid). Different processors may have different prices, depending on their speed, memory size, presence of floating-point hardware, and other features. An indication of the service provided, such as expected response time, can also be published.. However, later that day, Alexander realizes that Bonaparte does not know if the messenger got back safely and not knowing this, may not dare to attack. Consequently, Alexander tells the messenger to go tell Bonaparte that his (Bonaparte’s) message arrived and that the battle is set.. Now let us consider the problem of scheduling the same tasks again, but this time taking communication into account. We will use TDMA communication, with eight slots per TDMA frame. In this example, a TDMA slot is equal to one-fourth of a task execution time. We will arbitrarily assign slot 1 to processorA and slot 5 to processorB. The assignment of TDMA slots to processors is up to the static scheduler and may differ between program phases.. Most current file systems organize files as a collection of blocks, either as a tree (e.g., UNIX) or as a linked list (e.g., MS-DOS). With an in-core file system, it may be much simpler to store each file contiguously in memory, rather than breaking it up into blocks. Contiguously stored files are easier to keep track of and can be shipped over the network faster. The reason that contiguous files are not used on disk is that if a file grows, moving it to an area of the disk with more room is too expensive. In contrast, moving a file to another area of memory is feasible.. Although the French machines are all identical, in most wide-area networks, a large variety of equipment is encountered. This diversity is inevitable when multiple buyers with different-sized budgets and goals are involved, and the purchasing is spread over many years in an era of rapid technological change. Thus a wide-area distributed system must of necessity deal with heterogeneity. This raises issues such as how should you store a character file if not everyone uses ASCII, or what format one should use for files containing floating-point numbers if multiple representations are in use.. 12. Can two processes simultaneously have RECEIVE capabilities for the same port? How about SEND capabilities?. The main concepts behind memory management in Chorus are regions and segments. Aregionis a contiguous range of virtual address, for example, 1024 to 6143. In theory, a region can begin at any virtual address and end at any virtual address, but to do anything useful, a region should be page aligned and have a length equal to some whole number of pages. All bytes in a region must have the same protection characteristics (e.g., read-only). Regions are a property of processes, and all the threads in a process see the same regions. Two regions in the same process may not overlap.. The kernel supports special I/O segments for accessing the machine’s I/O registers on machines with memory-mapped device registers. Using these segments, kernel threads can perform I/O by reading and writing memory directly.. In general, when a program asks DTS to compare two times, there are three possible answers:.

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