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The Hiding section contains three settings:. Jun 29 04:26:10 beige dhclient: DHCPREQUEST on eth1 to port 67. In this output, the following options indicate:.  Option “MergedXinerama” “on”. $djpeg/usr/share/wallpapers/floating-leaves.jpg| pnmscale0.5| ppmtopgm | ppmnorm | cjpeg | tee/tmp/final.jpg| display -. GNOME_KEYRING_SOCKET=/tmp/keyring-FJyfaw/socket. red. Theyum-updatesd service polls your configured repositories at regular intervals to determine if updates are available for any of your installed packages. By altering the configuration file, you instructyum-updatesd to install the updated packages that it finds (effectively performing a yum -y update at regular intervals).. 9….(Lines snipped)…. Responsible Person E-mail Address. Configuring Masquerading. XChat will propose a first, second, and third nickname based on the username and actual name (GECOS field) of the account you’re using. Edit these values if desired, select the FreeNode network, and click Connect. Figure 9-2 shows the main XChat window and introductory message that will appear.. Configures the network firewall. Use –enabled to turn the firewall on or –disabled to turn it off. If you have multiple network interfaces and don’t want to firewall some of them, use a –trust=ethN argument for each unprotected interface. To permit connections on particular ports, use the argument –port=port:proto,port:proto , or select a combination of the abbreviations –http , –smtp , –ftp , –telnet , and –ssh .. Figure 10-25. Edit a line in a menu entry   [Картинка: i_191.jpg].