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can i install debian packages on ubuntu debian how restart network

-> Development Teams, Transversal Teams. One of the essential functionnalities ofaptitude (which has also been integrated toapt-get since Lenny) is the tracking of packages installed only through dependencies. These packages are called“automatic” and are tagged with an “A” in the list of packages — they often include libraries for instance. When a package is removed, the corresponding automatic packages are also selected for removal unless another “manually installed” package depends on them. It is possible to marka package as automatic (withShift+m) or to remove the mark (m key). When maintaining a system withaptitude, it is a good habit to mark as automatic any package that you don’t need directly so that they are automatically removed when they aren’t necessary anymore. You can either navigate the list of installed packages and play withShift+m, or apply the flag to entire sections (for example the libs section). This habit can help you to keep your system tidy and offers a simple way to visualize the packages in use on a machine, without all the libraries and dependencies that you don’t really care about. The related pattern that can be used withl (to activate the filter mode) is ~i!~M. It specifies that you only want to see installed packages (~i) not marked as automatic (!~M)..  DV camcorders. This program uses many keyboard commands for fast. A point to point (PPP) connection establishes an intermittent connection; this is the most common solution for connections made with a telephone modem (“PSTN modem”, since the connection goes over the public switched telephone network).. This allows, in the event of DNS changes not yet propagated, to test access to a website with the intended name even if this name is not properly mapped to the correct IP address yet.. mounting local partitions;. #. udp6       0      0 fe80::a00:27ff:fe6c:123 :::*                                764/ntpd. 11.5. Setting Up Windows Shares with Samba. # mdadm /dev/md1 –fail /dev/sdh. Note, however, that the layout of the LVM elements (physical and logical volumes, and volume groups) is backed up in /etc/lvm/backup, which can be useful in case of a problem (or just to sneak a peek under the hood).. In any but the most exotic cases, the cracking comes from the network, and the attacker needs a working network to reach their targets (access confidential data, share illegal files, hide their identity by using the machine as a relay, and so on). Unplugging the computer from the network will prevent the attacker from reaching these targets, if they haven’t managed to do so yet.. SECURITY mini-dinstall and permissions. These adminitrative formalities are followed with philosophical considerations. The point is to make sure that the candidate understands and accepts the social contract and the principles behind Free Software. Joining Debian is only possible if one shares the values that unite the current developers, as expressed in the founding texts (and summarized in Chapter 1,The Debian Project)..