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A related issue is that even the most fastidious advocate of backing up may miss something. As you recover your data and start reinstalling applications after a clean install, you may discover that you forgot to de-authorize an application like Apple iTunes or Adobe Photoshop, didn’t back up a critical but hidden data file (like Outlook’s notorious PST file), or missed some other palm-slap-to-the-forehead, obvious-after-the-fact thing that you really wish you had remembered. But once you’ve blown away your previous Windows install, it’s too late.. Figure 3-4: The on-screen keyboard [Картинка: i_044.jpg] WARNING. The grid of settings icons you see at the bottom of the Settings pane is perhaps the most interesting bit here.. If you sign in with a Microsoft account as we recommend, note that changing this account picture will also change the account picture associated with your online account. Likewise, if you change your Microsoft account picture elsewhere—such as on the web—it will change the image you see here in Windows 8 as well.Changing Other Account Settings. • Productivity: Perhaps the broadest category aside from games, this category includes apps related to productivity, including note-taking solutions like OneNote and Evernote, word processors and other document editors, cloud storage, and much, much more.. You can also use the Clear Map button to exit from this display.. In Chapter 8, we discussed how many of Windows 8’s productivity apps are simple clients for online services provided by Microsoft and other companies. As such, you must sign in to your Microsoft account to access many of these apps, even if you’ve elected—against our advice—to not automatically do so by signing in to the PC with a Microsoft account.. When you’re done, you’re prompted to open the folder containing the photos you just imported. This will happen in Photos, of course, not in File Explorer on the desktop.. If you’re in a pinch, Microsoft Paint, included in Windows 8, also provides some basic photo-editing features.. • Rights for up to five PCs and/or devices: One of the many upsides to Microsoft’s Windows Store requirements for Metro-style games is that you have the right to install a purchased game on as many as five Windows 8 PCs and/or devices, each of which needs to be associated with your Microsoft account. This is in sharp contrast to retail video games, which are almost always licensed for use on just one PC.. Figure 11-16: Be sure to spend some time examining these options. [Картинка: i_384.jpg]. Figure 12-17: Windows SmartScreen settings [Картинка: i_410.jpg]. • Forget/Remember this network: Cellular data networks are configured to be remembered by default. If you’d like to forget the network for some reason, you can do so.. Figure 14-6: BitLocker-protected disks are visually differentiated and now provide other options. [Картинка: i_436.jpg]. Figure 3: After tapping and holding, you can use a slide gesture to move an item. [Картинка: i_450.jpg].