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can java class be private class перевод

  for (size_t i = pos; i< nptrs-1; ++i). // BuggedSearch.cpp. public:.   friend void g(int);  // g(int) befriends all Friendly’s. you are actually declarings as follows (because of the default template arguments in the specification ofbasic_string):.   return (a< b) ? a : b;. It stops as soon as the element is found and returns a pointer to that first occurrence. If it doesn’t find one, it returns a pointer one position past the end of the

sequence (a+SIZE in this example). Therefore,find is said to make at most a number of comparisons equal to the number of elements in the sequence..   for(int i = 0; i< 100; i++).   static float val;.   void buildSprocket();.   }.       ZThread::ThreadedExecutor executor;. //: C11:MutexEvenGenerator.cpp. // Basic thread cooperation.. 39.

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