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can linux server join windows domain how web server

A legacy MBR is located at the first logical block on a disk that is not using the GPT disk layout. The first 512 bytes on an MBR disk have the following layout:. ?The boot code is followed by a 4-byte disk signature, which is set to zero and not used by UEFI.. 2.On the General tab of the Properties dialog box, tap or click Advanced. Clear the Encrypt Contents To Secure Data check box. Tap or click OK twice.. Windows Server 2012 R2 supports disk mirroring, disk striping, and disk striping with parity. Implementing these RAID techniques is discussed in the sections that follow.. Creating a virtual disk in a storage space. ?On the Disks subnode, all available disks are listed in the Disks panel. Select the disk with which you want to work, and then under Tasks, select New Volume.. To disconnect individual users from shared resources, enternet session \\computername /deleteat an elevated command prompt or Close-SMBSession at -ComputerNamecomputernamean elevated Windows PowerShell prompt. In both instances,computernameis the DNS name or IP address of computer from which the session originates.. SECURITY ALERTAny users and groups you specify will be granted permissions on the base folder that allows the users and groups to create folders and access files in their folders. Specifically, Creator/Owner is granted Full Control on subfolders and files only. The users and groups are granted List Folder/Read Data, Create Folders/Append Data, Traverse Folder/execute File, Read/Write attributes on the base folder. Local System is granted Full Control of the base folder, subfolders, and files. Administrator is granted Read permission on the base folder.. Quota templates or custom properties define the following:. 2.Select This Server, and then enter the

IP address or computer name of the DHCP server you want to manage.. NOTEA lease lifetime that’s set too long can reduce the effectiveness of DhCP. A good lease duration for nontemporary leases is from 8 to 30 days.. ? Printer driverWhen you print a document in an application, your computer uses a printer driver to handle the printing process. If the print device is attached to your computer physically, the printer driver is accessed from a local disk drive. If the print device is located on a remote computer, the printer driver might be downloaded from the remote computer. The availability of printer drivers on the remote computer is configurable by operating system and chip architecture. If the computer can’t obtain the latest printer driver, an administrator probably hasn’t enabled the driver for the computer’s operating system. For more information, see “Managing printer drivers” later in this chapter.. ?Select Turn On File And Printer Sharing to enable file and printer sharing.. 5.When you enable point and print restrictions, you can configure policy so that users can point and print only to a named list of servers. To enforce this restriction, select the related check box and enter a list of fully qualified server names separated by semicolons. To remove this restriction, clear the related check box.. You can use them at the beginning of a print job to make it easier for users to find a document on a busy print device..

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