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Statically set IP addresses. 27. Find a Fedora Core entry (the bold lines in the example above) usually, the one with the latest kernel. Make an identical copy of it immediately after the original location in the file:. Error messages are not sent to standard output, so you can still see the messages even when standard output is redirected:. alias cls=’clear’. #yum installkmod-nvidia. home main -wi-ao 1.00G. This scheme uses the same 20 discs or tapes, but permits you to restore to:. To read a specific backup on a multibackup tape, rewind to the beginning (just to be sure you’re at the start), and then skip any files (backups) necessary to reach the archive you want. These commands will access the table of contents for the second archive, for example:. …(Lines snipped)…. To configure Apache graphically, select System->Administration->Server Settings->HTTP (or in KDE, Administration->Server Settings->HTTP). Thehttpdconfiguration dialog, a simple tabbed window (shown in Figure 7-17), will appear.. The Options directive is critical: it specifies what is permitted in these directories. In this case, all access to the root directory and all subdirectoriesin other words, the entire systemis prohibited except as the destination of symbolic links.. support:henry  . The SELinux technology was originally developed by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), with several partner organizations. The kernel components of SELinux have been incorporated into the main Linux kernel releases. The Fedora project utilizes those kernel components along with customized policy and some user tools (such as versions ofls andps that include the -Z options, and SELinux-specific tools such aschcon andgetenforce , and the graphical configuration toolsystem-config-securitylevel ). Red Hat is a major contributor to SELinux development.. Once this change has been made, the userchriscan usesudo to execute thenetstat command using the -p option (which requires superuser privilege to operate correctly):. uid=508(jenny) gid=508(jenny) groups=508(jenny).