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can not start emacs emacs is old

FigureВ 2-5.В Point, mark, and region [Картинка: i_034.jpg]. If you do a regular expression search for^word$, you would find instances ofword on a line by itself. The^ says that thew must be the first character on the line, the$ says that thed must be the last character.. В В В В В -В If you type all of the letters of the abbreviation in uppercase, Emacs capitalizes the first letter of every word, unless the variableabbrev-all-caps is set tot; in this case, it capitalizes all letters.. Type:C-x C-b. Now the fun begins. If the compilation resulted in an error, you can typeC-x ` (fornext-error; this is a backquote, not a single quote). Emacs reads the first error message, figures out the file and line number of the error, and visits the file at that line number. After you have corrected the error, you can typeC-x ` again to visit subsequent error locations. Each time you typeC-x `, Emacs scrolls the*compilation* window so that the current error message appears at the top.. В В В В (“^\\s-*\\[[^]]*\\]\\s-*\\(.+\\):\\([0-9]+\\):” 1 2). public class FooManager {. В В В В В В В В В (calc-clear-stack)). Your source code has a top-level directory with a name likeemacs-21.3. In this directory, you will find files calledINSTALL andREADME. ExamineREADME first; it contains useful general information as well as last-minute release notes that may be important for you to read before proceeding. Then readINSTALL, which gives step-by-step instructions for building Emacs. Even if you aren’t a Unix expert, you should be able to follow these instructions. (For convenience, we provide a procedure you can follow later in this section.). $make. This book has mentioned using theCommand key forMeta on Mac OS X. By default, theCommand key (sometimes called theOpen Apple key, or more simply xxxMacSymxxx) isMeta. But in fact you have a choice. The variablemac-command-key-is-meta can be used to select which key you want to use.. Be careful! TheREADME.W32 file notes that you may run into some small problems if you unpack your Emacs distribution into a path where one or more of the directory names contains spaces. For example, don’t unpack Emacs in theProgram Files directory. If you don’t like adding things directly to your C: drive, create anApplications folder or something similar and unpack Emacs in that folder.. • The help key (C-h) and Help menu, which allow you to get help on a wide variety of topics.. 14.1 Using the Tutorial. For Mac OS X users, the classes normally found intools.jar are already a permanent part of the standardclasses.jar so they are always available—even thoughtools.jar isn’t in any of the library locations..