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Chapter 6, Storage Administration. The default X server configuration will work with all USB pointer devices and keyboards plugged into the system. The devices will work in parallel; for example, if you have two mice, moving either one will move the onscreen pointer, and if you have two keyboards, typing on either will send characters to the display.. The root directory is always the same system-wide; the home directory is consistent for a particular user, but varies from user to user; and the current working directory is unique to each process and can be changed anytime.. root:::root. toronto:!:506:ed:matthew,jake,wilson,richard,audrey,shem,mike,olgovie,newton,ed. An example. 6.2. Managing RAID. ¬†RESULT=$(( $? + $RESULT )). /dev/hdc2 on /boot type ext3 (rw). If you’ve added the System Monitor applet to your GNOME panel, clicking on it will start the GNOME System Monitor. You can also start it

using the menu entry ApplicationsSystem ToolsSystem Monitor, or by typing the commandgnome-system-monitor.¬†. ? The manpages forselinux ,getsebool ,setsebool ,getenforce ,setenforce ,sestatus ,semanage ,selinuxenabled ,restorecon ,getfattr , andaudit2why. $getfacldemo. # file: demo3. When an ACL is changed, a new block is allocated, the new ACL is written to that block, and then the old block is freed. If no blocks are available on the filesystem (or if the user doesn’t have access to any more blocks, which may be the case if you have enabled per-user storage quotas), then the ACL cannot be changed.. – Added xkeyboard-config to fix VT switching (katzj).

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