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Creating volumes and volume sets. FIGURE 2–3Although disk mirroring typically uses a single drive controller to create a redundant data set, disk duplexing uses two drive controllers.. In Computer Management, you can view the shared folders on a local or remote computer by following these steps:. 2.On the NFS Sharing tab, tap or click Manage NFS Sharing.. Object management, ownership, and inheritance [Картинка: pic_19.png]. 2.Use Secedit /Import to import a security template into a working database.. ? Laptop and Mobile DevicesAn OU for laptops and mobile devices, which are inherently less secure and might require enhanced security configurations.. If the interface name contains spaces, enclose the related value in quotation marks, as shown in the following example:. 4.Tap or click OK to save your changes.. 2.Double-tap or double-click the Reservations folder for the scope.. ?Select an entry in the left pane to display details such as zone status and domain records in the right pane.. If you need to add a PTR record later, you can do so by following these

steps:. Although you can allow zone transfers with any server, this opens the server to possible security problems. Instead of opening the floodgates, you should restrict access to zone information so that only servers you’ve identified can request updates from the zone’s primary server. This enables you to funnel requests through a select group of secondary servers, such as your ISP’s secondary name servers, and to hide the details of your internal network from the outside world.. Installing and configuring physically attached print devices. If you’re an administrator for an organization that uses the Encrypting File System (EFS), your disaster-recovery planning must include additional procedures and preparations. You need to consider how to handle issues related to personal encryption certificates, EFS recovery agents, and EFS recovery policy. These issues are discussed in the sections that follow..

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