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Fig. 2-24. (a) Normal case. (b) Crash after execution. (c) Crash before execution.. Fig. 4-8. (a) A user-level threads package. (b) A threads packaged managed by the kernel.. File services can be split into two types, depending on whether they support an upload/download model or a remote access model. In theupload/download model,shown in fig. 5-1(a), the file service provides only two major operations: read file and write file. The former operation transfers an entire file from one of the file servers to the requesting client. The latter operation transfers an entire file the other way, from client to server. Thus the conceptual model is moving whole files in either direction. The files can be stored in memory or on a local disk, as needed.. A general way to deal with this problem is to partition the system into smaller units and try to make each one relatively independent of the others. Having one server per unit scales much better than a single server. Even having the servers record all the opens may be acceptable under these circumstances.. This operation “searches” the tuple space for a tuple consisting of the string “abc”, the integer, 2, and a third field containing any integer (assuming thati is an integer). If found, the tuple is removed from the tuple space and the variable¬†i is assigned the value of the third field. The matching and removal are atomic, so if two processes execute the samein operation simultaneously, only one of them will succeed, unless two or more matching tuples are present. The tuple space may even contain multiple copies of the same tuple.. Most of the traditional operating system services (such as the file server) are implemented in Amoeba as server processes. Although it would have been possible to put together a random collection of servers, each with its own model of the world, it was decided early on to provide a single model of what a server does to achieve uniformity and simplicity. Although voluntary, most servers follow it. The model, and some examples of key Amoeba servers, are described in this section.. Amoeba is based on a microkernel that handles low-level process and memory management, communication, and I/O. The file system and the rest of the operating system can run as user processes. This division of labor keeps the kernel small and simple.. 9.1.1. History of Chorus. User processes are untrusted and unprivileged. They cannot perform I/O directly, and cannot even call the kernel, except for those calls that their subsystem has decided to make on their behalf. Each user process has two parts: the regular user part and a system part that is invoked after a trap. This arrangement is similar to the way that UNIX works.. The synchronization operations are given in Fig. 9-10. Calls are provided for initializing, acquiring, and releasing both mutexes and semaphores. These all work in the usual way.. Fig. 9-27. Number of system calls and calls to kernel threads in selected systems.. 9.7.4. Memory Model. 3.¬†The server stub.. Software using DTS has to be prepared to deal with all three possibilities. To provide backward compatibility with older software, DTS also supports a conventional interface with time represented as a single value, but using this value blindly may lead to errors.. CallDescriptionAdd_entryAdd an object or alias to the directoryRemove_entryRemove an object or alias from the directoryListList all the objects directly below a specified objectReadRead the attributes of a specified objectModify_entryAtomically change the attributes of a specified objectCompareCompare a certain attribute value with a given oneModify_rdnRename an objectSearchSearch a portion of the tree for an object.