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As an aside, if a process blocks for I/O on a multiprocessor, the operating system has the choice of suspending it or just letting it do busy waiting. If most I/O is completed in less time than it takes to do a process switch, busy waiting is preferable. Some systems let the process keep its processor for a few milliseconds, in the hope that the I/O will complete soon, but if that does not occur before the timer runs out, a process switch is made (Karlin et al., 1991). If most critical regions are short, this approach can avoid many expensive process switches.. One possible way out is to pay considerable attention to thegrain sizeof all computations. Starting up a small computation remotely, such as adding two integers, is rarely worth it, because the communication overhead dwarfs the extra CPU cycles gained. On the other hand, starting up a long compute-bound job remotely may be worth the trouble. In general, jobs that involve a large number of small computations, especially ones that interact highly with one another, may cause trouble on a distributed system with relatively slow communication. Such jobs are said to exhibitfine-grained parallelism.On the other hand, jobs that involve large computations, low interaction rates, and little data, that is,coarse-grained parallelism,may be a better fit.. 3. Nonblocking send with interrupt (makes programming difficult).. In particular, some operations can safely be repeated as often as necessary with no damage being done. A request such as asking for the first 1024 bytes of a file has no side effects and can be executed as often as necessary without any harm being done. A request that has this property is said to beidempotent.. Active replicationis a well-known technique for providing fault tolerance using physical redundancy. It is used in biology (mammals have two eyes, two ears, two lungs, etc.), aircraft (747s have four engines but can fly on three), and sports (multiple referees in case one misses an event). Some authors refer to active replication as thestate machine approach.. An alternative to invalidating other cache entries is to update all of them. Updating is slower than invalidating in most cases, however. Invalidating requires supplying just the address to be invalidated, whereas updating needs to provide the new cache entry as well. If these two items must be presented on the bus consecutively, extra cycles will be required. Even if it is possible to put an address and a data word on the bus simultaneously, if the cache block size is more than one word, multiple bus cycles will be needed to update the entire block. The issue of invalidate vs. update occurs in all cache protocols and also in DSM systems.. Whichever decision is made, the page is mapped in, either local or remote, and the faulting instruction restarted. Subsequent references to that

page are done in hardware, with no software intervention. If no other action were taken, then a wrong decision once made could never be reversed.NUMA Algorithms. Fig. 6-25. (a) Chunks of address space distributed among four machines. (b) Situation after CPU 1 references chunk 10. (c) Situation if chunk 10 is read only and replication is used.. The shared-variable approach, as taken by Munin and Midway, is a step in the direction of organizing the shared memory in a more structured way, but it is only a first step. In both systems, the programmer must supply information about which variables are shared and which are not, and must also provide protocol information in Munin and association information in Midway. Errors in these annotations can have serious consequences.. FLIP has been designed to work not only with Amoeba, but also with other operating systems. A version for UNIX also exists, and there is no reason one could not be made for MS-DOS. The security provided by the private-address, public-address scheme also works for UNIX to UNIX communication using FLIP, independent of Amoeba.. Finally, every process has statistics associated with it, including the amount of memory consumed, the run times of the threads, and so on. A process that is interested in this information can acquire it by sending a message to the process port.. One set of system calls that work differently are the file I/O calls. Theycould have been implemented like this, but for performance reasons, a different approach was taken. When a file is opened, it is mapped directly into the caller’s address space, so the emulation library can get at it directly, without having to do an RPC to the UNIX server. To satisfy a READ system call, for example, the emulation library locates the bytes to be read in the mapped file, locates the user buffer, and copies from the former to the latter as fast as it can.. The last kernel abstraction relates to naming. Most kernel resources (e.g., processes and ports) are named by a 64-bitunique identifierorUI.Once a UI has been assigned to a resource, it is guaranteed never to be reused for another resource, not even on a different machine a year later. This uniqueness is guaranteed by encoding in each UI the site (machine or multiprocessor) where the UI was created plus an epoch number and a counter valid in that epoch. The epoch number is incremented each time the system is rebooted.. Fig. 10-5. Three kinds of mutexes supported by DCE.. Step 4:client asks the ticket-granting server for a PAC usable by S.

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