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Similarly, the head of passenger service can decide to drop the rubber chicken and go for Mushy’s new special, prime rib of goat, without that decision affecting the secretaries. The thing to notice is that we have two layers here, the bosses and the secretaries. Each layer has its own protocol (subjects of discussion and technology) that can be changed independently of the other one. It is precisely this independence that makes layered protocols attractive. Each one can be changed as technology improves, without the other ones being affected.. When the telephone companies decided to build networks for the 21st Century, they faced a dilemma: voice traffic is smooth, needing a low, but constant bandwidth, whereas data traffic is bursty, usually needing no bandwidth (when there is no traffic), but sometimes needing a great deal for very short periods of time. Neither traditional circuit switching (used in the Public Switched Telephone Network) nor packet switching (used in the Internet) was suitable for both kinds of traffic.. count = read(fd, buf, nbytes);. None of these are terribly attractive. What one would like isexactly once semantics, but as can be seen fairly easily, there is no way to arrange this in general. Imagine that the remote operation consists of printing some text, and is accomplished by loading the printer buffer and then setting a single bit in some control register to start the printer. The crash can occur a microsecond before setting the bit, or a microsecond afterward. The recovery procedure depends entirely on which it is, but there is no way for the client to discover it.. One final issue relating to group membership is what to do if so many machines go down that the group can no longer function at all. Some protocol is needed to rebuild the group. Invariably, some process will have to take the initiative to start the ball rolling, but what happens if two or three try at the same time? The protocol will have to be able to withstand this.Group Addressing. Fig. 3-18. (a) The file index and disk blocks for a three-block file. (b) The situation after a transaction has modified block 0 and appended block 3. (c) After committing.. A somewhat stickier problem is what to do if a file is replaced while another process is busy reading it. One solution is to somehow arrange for the reader to continue using the old file, even if it is no longer in any directory, analogous to the way UNIX allows a process that has a file open to continue using it, even after it has been deleted from all directories. Another solution is to detect that the file has changed and make subsequent attempts to read from it fail.. Point 3 says that when ordinary (i.e., not synchronization) variables are accessed, either for reading or writing, all previous synchronizations have been performed. By doing a synchronization before reading shared data, a process can be sure of getting the most recent values.. A different approach is to introduce explicit synchronization variables, as weak consistency, release consistency, and entry consistency do. These three are summarized in Fig. 6-24(b). When a process performs an operation on an ordinary shared data variable, no guarantees are given about when they will be visible to other processes. Only when a synchronization variable is accessed are changes propagated. The three models differ in how synchronization works, but in all cases a process can perform multiple reads and writes in a critical section without invoking any data transport. When the critical section has been┬ácompleted, the final result is either propagated to the other processes or made ready for propagation should anyone else express interest.. To summarize, object-based distributed shared memory offers three advantages over the other methods:. The fourth function of the kernel is to manage low-level I/O. For each I/O device attached to a machine, there is a device driver in the kernel. The driver manages all I/O for the device. Drivers are linked with the kernel and cannot be loaded dynamically.. The messages in Fig. 8-11 go from the kernel to the memory manager. The replies listed in Fig. 8-12 go the other way, from the memory manager back to the kernel. They are replies that the memory manager can use to respond to the above requests.. A second major theme is the need for distribution. Chorus is intended to allow UNIX programs to run on a collection of machines connected by a network. To support distributed applications, various extensions have been added to the programming model. Some of these, such as message-based communication, fit easily in the existing model. Others, such as the introduction of threads, required a rethinking of existing features, such as UNIX signal handling.. The concrete representation of this contract is a file, the interface definition file, which lists all the procedures that the server allows its clients to invoke remotely. Each procedure has a list of the names and types of its parameters and of its result. Ideally, the interface definition should also contain a formal definition of what the procedures do, but such a definition is beyond the current state of the art, so the interface definition just defines the syntax of the calls, not their semantics. At best the writer can add a few comments describing what he hopes the procedures will do.. 10.7. DISTRIBUTED FILE SYSTEM.