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One implementation strategy is to just discard the message, let the client time out, and hope the server has calledreceive before the client retransmits. This approach is easy to implement, but with bad luck, the client (or more likely, the client’s kernel) may have to try several times before succeeding. Worse yet, if enough consecutive attempts fail, the client’s kernel may give up, falsely concluding that the server has crashed or that the address is invalid.. The goal of RPC is to hide communication by making remote procedure calls look just like local ones. With a few exceptions, such as the inability to handle global variables and the subtle differences introduced by using copy/restore for pointer parameters instead of call-by-reference, so far we have come fairly close. Indeed, as long as both client and server are functioning perfectly, RPC does its job remarkably well. The problem comes in when errors occur. It is then that the differences between local and remote calls are not always easy to mask. In this section we will examine some of the possible errors and what can be done about them.. The disadvantage, especially over a LAN, is the performance loss. All that extra software gets in the way. Besides, the main advantage (no lost packets) is hardly needed on a LAN, since LANs are so reliable. As a consequence, most distributed operating systems that are intended for use in a single building or campus use connectionless protocols..  (a)  Wait-die?. Of course, in theory it is fine to say that a system isk fault tolerant and just let thek+1 identical replies outvote thek identical replies, but in practice it is hard to imagine circumstances in which one can say with certainty thatk processors can fail butk+1 processors cannot fail. Thus even in a fault-tolerant system some kind of statistical analysis may be needed.. As with conventional algorithms, it is worth keeping track of which pages are “clean” and which are “dirty.” In the context of DSM, a replicated page that another process owns is always a prime candidate to evict because it is known that another copy exists. Consequently, the page does not have to be saved anywhere. If a directory scheme is being used to keep track of copies, the owner or page manager must be informed of this decision, however. If pages are located by broadcasting, the page can just be discarded.. [Картинка: any2fbimgloader166]. The kernel sends the message to the sequencer using a normal point-to-point message, and simultaneously starts a timer. If the broadcast comes back before the timer runs out (normal case), the sending kernel stops the timer and returns control to the caller. In practice, this case happens well over 99 percent of the time, because modern LANs are highly reliable.. 4. Some Amoeba servers can be run in the kernel as well as in user space. Their clients cannot tell the difference (except by timing them). What is it about Amoeba that makes it impossible for clients to tell the difference?. If a runnable thread is found, it is scheduled and run for one quantum. At the end of the quantum, both the local and global run queues are checked to see if any other threads at its priority or higher are runnable, with the understanding that all threads on the local run queue have higher priority than all threads on the global run queue. If a suitable candidate is found, a thread switch occurs. If not, the thread is run for another quantum. Threads may also be preempted. On multiprocessors, the length of the quantum is variable, depending on the number of threads that are runnable. The more runnable threads and the fewer CPUs here are, the shorter the quantum. This algorithm gives good response time to short requests, even on heavily loaded systems, but provides high efficiency i.e., long quanta) on lightly loaded systems.. The first one,set-attributes , is a reply toinit. It tells the kernel that it is ready to handle a newly mapped-in object. The reply also provides mode bits for the object and tells the kernel whether or not to cache the object, even if no process currently has it mapped in. The next two are replies todata_request. That call asks the memory manager to provide a page. Which reply it gives depends on whether or not it can provide the page. The former supplies the page; the latter does not.. Mach provides about 20 calls for managing ports. All of these are invoked by sending a message to a process port. A sampling of the most important ones is given in Fig. 8-16.. Memory management in Chorus borrows many ideas from Mach. However, it also contains some ideas not present in Mach. In this section we will describe the basic concepts and how they are used..         /.:/fs/usr/ann/exams/january. 8. Why does IDL require the programmer to specify which parameters are input and which are output?.