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2. Some memory management..   default: r = E_BAD_OPCODE;. Fig. 2-14.Four design issues for the communication primitives and some of the principal choices available..  long write(in char name[MAX_PATH], in char buf[BUF_SIZE], in long bytes, in long position);. A characteristic of group communication that we have alluded to several times is the all-or-nothing property. Most group communication systems are designed so that when a message is sent to a group, it will either arrive correctly at all members of the group, or at none of them. Situations in which some members receive a message and others do not are not permitted. The property of all-or-nothing delivery is calledatomicityoratomic broadcast.. 3.4.4. Concurrency Control. The motivation for the processor pool idea comes from taking the diskless workstation idea a step further. If the file system can be centralized in a small number of file servers to gain economies of scale, it should be possible to do the same thing for compute servers. By putting all the CPUs in a big rack in the machine room, power supply and other packaging costs can be reduced, giving more computing power for a given amount of money. Furthermore, it permits the use of cheaper X terminals (or even ordinary ASCII terminals), and decouples the number of users from the number of workstations. The model also allows for easy incremental growth. If the computing load increases by 10 percent, you can just buy 10 percent more processors and put them in the pool.. Stateful servers also have things going for them. Since READ and WRITE messages do not have to contain file names, they can be shorter, thus using less network bandwidth. Better performance is frequently possible since information about open files (in UNIX terms, the i-nodes) can be kept in main memory until the files are closed. Blocks can be read in advance to reduce delay, since most files are read sequentially. If a client ever times out and sends the same request twice, for example, APPEND, it is much easier to detect this with state (by having a sequence number in each message). Achieving idempotency in the face of unreliable communication with stateless operation takes more thought and effort. Finally, file locking is impossible to do in a truly stateless system, since the only effect setting a lock has is to enter state into the system. In stateless systems, file locking has to be done by a special lock server.. [Картинка: any2fbimgloader155]. Second, the run server checks to see which of the candidate machines have enough memory to run the program. Those that do not are also eliminated. The run server keeps track of the memory and CPU usage of each of its pool processors by makinggetload calls to each one regularly to request these values, so the numbers in the run server’s tables are continuously refreshed.. 4. Exploiting parallelism in both the system and the applications.. Fig. 9-13. Selected calls relating to segments.. 9.4.1.Messages. The second algorithm is round robin. Here the scheduler locates the highest populated queue and runs each thread for a fixed quantum. If a thread blocks or exits before its quantum is up, it is (temporarily) removed from the queue system. If it uses up its entire quantum, it is suspended and placed at the end of its queue. In the middle example of Fig. 10-4(b), the threadsA, B, andC will run alternately forever if they want to. The medium-priority threadsD andE will never get a chance as long as one of the high-priority threads wants to run.. Two options are provided for this propagation. For data that must be kept consistent all the time, the changes are sent out to all slaves immediately. For less critical data, the slaves are updated later. This scheme, calledskulking, allows many updates to be sent together in larger and more efficient messages..