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statement. This statement has the effect of causing a preprocessor to literally insert the entire contents ofheader.h into the source program just before the compiler starts compiling the program..  long opcode; /* which operation: CREATE, READ, etc. */. However, the performance advantage offered by nonblocking primitives is offset by a serious disadvantage: the sender cannot modify the message buffer until the message has been sent. The consequences of the process overwriting the message during transmission are too horrible to contemplate. Worse yet, the sending process has no idea of when the transmission is done, so it never knows when it is safe to reuse the buffer. It can hardly avoid touching it forever.. The second solution is to interrupt the sender when the message has been sent to inform it that the buffer is once again available. No copy is required here, which saves time, but user-level interrupts make programming tricky, difficult, and subject to race conditions, which makes them irreproducible. Most experts agree that although this method is highly efficient and allows the most parallelism, the disadvantages greatly outweigh the advantages: programs based on interrupts are difficult to write correctly and nearly impossible to debug when they are wrong.. The second property says that they areconsistent.What this means is that if the system has certain invariants that must always hold, if they held before the transaction, they will hold afterward too. For example, in a banking system, a key invariant is the law of conservation of money. After any internal transfer, the amount of money in the bank must be the same as it was before the transfer, but for a brief moment during the transaction, this invariant may be violated. The violation is not visible outside the transaction, however.. This call returns the address stored in the global variable, so the data value can be accessed.. The second field in the global state is the global time. Its granularity is application defined, but in any event must be coarse enough that all nodes agree on it. The third field keeps track of which nodes are up and which are down.. 2. The protocol is built into the memory management unit.. [Картинка: any2fbimgloader143]. In many programs, a critical region is located inside a loop. With eager release consistency, on every pass through the loop a release is done, and all the modified data have to be pushed out to all the processors maintaining copies of them. This algorithm wastes bandwidth and introduces needless delay. With lazy release consistency, at the release nothing is done. At the next acquire, the processor determines that it already has all the

data it needs, so no messages are generated here either. The net result is that with lazy release consistency no network traffic is generated at all until another processor does an acquire. Repeated acquire-release pairs done by the same processor in the absence of competition from the outside are free.. Tuples are retrieved from the tuple space by thein primitive. They are addressed by content rather than by name or address. The fields ofin can be expressions or formal parameters. Consider, for example,. The basic method by which messages are sent over the network is illustrated in Fig. 8-20. Here we have a client on machineA and a server on machineB. Before the client can contact the server, a port must be created onA to function as a proxy for the server. The network message server has the RECEIVE capability for this port. A thread inside it is constantly listening to this port (and other remote ports, which together form a port set). This port is shown as the small box in A’s kernel.. To make Chorus a viable commercial product, the ability to emulate UNIX was beefed up. Binary compatibility was added, so existing UNIX programs could be run without being recompiled. Part of the UNIX emulation, which had been in the microkernel, was moved to the emulation subsystem, which was simultaneously made more modular. Exception handling was changed to be able to handle UNIX signals correctly.. Memory management in Chorus supports 26 different system calls plus several upcalls from the kernel to the mappers. In this section we will briefly describe just the more important ones. The calls we will describe relate to region management(rgn prefix), segment management(sg prefix), and upcalls to the mappers(Mp prefix— notmp, which is used for miniport calls, described later). The calls not described here relate to managing local caches(lc prefix) and virtual memory(vm prefix).. A major goal of DCE is to make all resources accessible to any process in the system, without regard to the relative location of the resource user (client) and the resource provider (server). These resources include users, machines, cells, servers, services, files, security data, and many others. To accomplish this goal, it is necessary for DCE to maintain a directory service that keeps track of where all resources are located and to provide people-friendly names for them. In this section we will describe this service and how it operates..

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