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Fig. 1-11. A multiprocessor with a single run queue.. 13. What are the primary tasks of a microkernel?. 1. Blocking send (CPU idle during message transmission).. 1. If a andb are events in the same process, anda occurs before b, thena->b is true.. When a file is opened for writing, it can be located in the same way as for reading, except that now it is first copied to the private workspace. However, a second optimization removes most of the copying, even here. Instead of copying the entire file, only the file’s index is copied into the private workspace. The index is the block of data associated with each file telling where its disk blocks are. In UNIX, the index is the i-node. Using the private index, the file can be read in the usual way, since the disk addresses it contains are for the original disk blocks. However, when a file block is first modified, a copy of the block is made and the address of the copy inserted into the index, as shown in Fig. 3-18. The block can then be updated without affecting the original. Appended blocks are handled this way too. The new blocks are sometimes calledshadow blocks.. In Fig. 5-5 we summarize the four approaches we have discussed for dealing with shared files in a distributed system.. Fig. 6-10. The spectrum of shared memory machines.. Fig. 6-15.Four valid execution sequences for the program of Fig. 6-14. The vertical axis is time, increasing downward. . Another issue is that a process may make thousands of consecutive writes to the same page because many programs exhibit locality of reference. Having to catch all these updates and pass them to remote machines is horrendously expensive in the absence of multiprocessor-type snooping.. Consistency is maintained by requiring all accesses to shared variables and data structures to be done inside a specific kind of critical section known to the Midway runtime system. Each of these critical sections is guarded by a special synchronization variable, generally a lock, but possibly also a barrier. Each shared variable accessed in a critical section

must be explicitly associated with that critical section’s lock (or barrier) by a procedure call. In this way, when a critical section is entered or exited, Midway knows precisely which shared variables potentially will be accessed or have been accessed.. Writes on replicated objects are trickier. If the underlying system providesreliable, totally-ordered broadcasting, the runtime system broadcasts the name of the object, the operation, and the parameters and blocks until the broadcast has completed. All the machines, including itself, then compute the new value.. Note that for many operations, no buffer is needed or used. In the case of reading again, the object capability, the offset, and the size all fit in the header. When writing, the buffer contains the data to be written. On the other hand, the reply to a read contains a buffer, whereas the reply to a write does not. After the server has completed its work, it makes a call. Fig. 7-14. (a) The sequencer crashes. (b) A coordinator is selected. (c) Recovery.. The kernel (by which we mean the microkernel) provides and manages six key abstractions that together form the basis for Chorus. These concepts are processes, threads, regions, messages, ports, port groups, and unique identifiers. They are illustrated in Fig. 9-2. Chorusprocesses(still calledactorsin the Chorus documentation) are essentially the same as processes in other operating systems. They are containers that encapsulate resources. A process owns certain resources, and when the process disappears, so do its resources.. A fileset can be moved from one machine to another to balance the load, both in terms of disk storage and in terms of number of requests per second that must be handled. When a fileset is copied but the original is not deleted, a duplicate is created. Duplicates are supported, and provide both load balancing and fault tolerance. Only one copy is writable..

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