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To install additional component themes, open a browser and go to , and open the Theme Preferences window in an adjacent part of the screen. When you find a theme on that you wish to install, simply drag the download icon (a small floppy disk) from the browser window to the Theme Preferences window, and it will automatically be installed. You can then combine that component theme with others to produce a new desktop theme as described earlier.. Manages only CPU 0 ( -s 0 ), making speed change decisions once a second instead of the default of once every two seconds ( -i 10 ), and restore the original speed whencpuspeedexits ( -r ).. yum -y update. In this output, the following options indicate:. These start with a hyphen or double-hyphen ( – or — ) and modify the way the command operates. For example, the ls (list-files) command will include hidden files in its output if the -a argument is given, and will list detailed information about files when the -l option is specified. These options may be used individually, used together in any order, or combined after one hyphen if they all use a single hyphen:. Dependencies Resolved. node.session.iscsi.DefaultTime2Wait = 0. touch /system-$(hostname). 600 IN NS default_bits = 1024.  NeverGuess. $aliasshowacl=’getfacl –tabular’. …other file attributes that might be useful?. Bugzilla was written by the Mozilla project to track bugs in the Mozilla browser and related software. It has since been adopted (and adapted) by a number of other open source projects, including the GNOME and KDE desktops. It’s written in Perl, uses Apache for the web server, and can be used with either a MySQL or PostgreSQL database for bug storage and tracking.. timezone America/Toronto.