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By using Disk Management, you can create, attach, and detach VHDs. You can create a VHD by choosing Create VHD from the Action menu. In the Create And Attach Virtual Hard Disk dialog box, tap or click Browse. Use the Browse Virtual Disk Files dialog box to select the location where you want to create the.vhd file for the VHD, and then tap or click Save.. FIGURE 1–4On the Assign Drive Letter Or Path page, assign the drive designator or choose to wait until later.. ? Enable File And Folder CompressionTurns on compression for the disk. Compression is transparent to users, and compressed files can be accessed just like regular files. If you select this option, files and directories on this drive are compressed automatically. For more information about compressing drives, files, and directories, see“Compressing drives and data” in Chapter 1. (For NTFS only). 2.In the Disks list, shown in Figure 2–4, select a location for the mirror, and then tap or click Add Mirror. Windows Server 2012 R2 begins the mirror creation process. In Disk Management, you’ll get a status of Resynching on both volumes. The disk on which the mirrored volume is being created has a warning icon.. 1.Open Computer Management. If necessary, connect to a remote computer.. 2.In the Properties dialog box, select the Security tab, and then tap or click Advanced to display the Advanced Security Settings dialog box. Before you can modify permissions, you must click Change Permissions. As shown in Figure 4–2, the permissions are presented much as they are on the Security tab. The key differences are that you see individual allow or deny permission sets, whether permissions are inherited and where they are from, and the resources to which the permissions apply.. TIPIf you select a template that you want to use as a starting point, you should go through each setting that the template applies and evaluate how the setting affects your environment. If a setting doesn’t make sense, you should modify it appropriately or delete it.. You have two general options for redirection. You can redirect a special folder to the same network location for all users, or you can designate locations based on user membership in security groups. In either case, you should make sure that the network location you plan to use is available as a network share. See Chapter 4,“Data security and auditing,” for details on sharing data on a network.. 7.Tap or click Add to open the Add A Script dialog box and assign a script. In the Script Name text box, enter the name of the script you copied to the User\Scripts\Logon or the User\Scripts\Logoff folder for the related policy. In the Script Parameter text box, enter any parameters to pass to the script. Repeat this step to add other scripts.. If you’re on a private network that is indirectly connected to the Internet, you should use private IPv4 addresses. Table 7–1 summarizes private network IPv4 addresses.. You create scopes to specify IP address ranges that are available for DHCP clients. For example, you could assign the IP address range to to a scope called Enterprise Primary. Scopes can use public or private IPv4 addresses on the following networks:. You can configure DNS settings on the DNS tab of the Advanced TCP/IP Settings dialog box. To access this dialog box, follow these steps:. You create a new host entry with address and pointer records by following these steps:. To create a CNAME record, follow these steps:. 2.On the General tab, select the Only From option, and then specify a time interval. The time interval you set determines when the job can print. For example, you can specify that the job can print only between midnight and 5:00 A.M..