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?Create and delete simple, striped, spanned, mirrored, and RAID-5 volumes. ? Enable File And Folder CompressionTurns on compression for the disk. Built-in compression is available only for NTFS (and is not supported for FAT, FAT32, exFAT, or ReFS). Under NTFS, compression is transparent to users and compressed files can be accessed just like regular files. If you select this option, files and directories on this drive are compressed automatically. For more information on compressing drives, files, and directories, see“Compressing drives and data” later in this chapter.. NOTEKeep in mind that dual parity, as implemented in Storage Spaces, uses seven disks, and the previous example was simplified. Although parity striping with seven disks works differently than as discussed in this example, the basic approach uses horizontal and vertical stripes.. ? Size Of Available Shrink Space In MBLists the maximum amount by which the volume can be shrunk. This doesn’t represent the total amount of free space on the volume; rather, it represents the amount of space that can be removed, not including any data reserved for the master file table, volume snapshots, page files, and temporary files.. [Картинка: microsoft.jpg]. CHAPTER 3:Data sharing and redundancy. TABLE 3.1Overview of current SMB versionsSMB VERSIONWINDOWS VERSIONFEATURESSMB 2.0Windows Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008Increasing scalability and security, asynchronous operations, larger reads/writes, request compoundingSMB 2.1Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2Large MTU support, BranchCache supportSMB 3.0Windows 8, Windows Server 2012Enhancements for server clusters, BranchCache v2 support, SMB over RDMA, improved securitySMB 3.02Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2Improved performance for SMB over RDMA, additional scale-out options, Hyper-V live migration support. With Work Folders, you have several important options during initial setup. You can encrypt files in Work Folders on client devices and ensure that the screens on client devices lock automatically and require an access password. Encryption is implemented by using the Encrypting File System (EFS). EFS encrypts files with an enterprise encryption key rather than an encryption key generated by the client device. The enterprise encryption key is specific to the enterprise ID of the user (which by default is the primary SMTP address of the user). Having an enterprise encryption key that is separate from a client’s standard encryption key is important to ensure that encrypted personal files and encrypted work files are managed separately.. ? Redirect To The Following LocationIf you select this option, the folder is redirected to the location you enter in the Root Path text box. Here, you typically want to use an environment variable to customize the folder location for each user. For example, you could use the root path value \\Zeta\UserData\%UserName%\docs.. Creating normal scopes for IPv6 addresses. After you generate keys, you create resource records for authenticated denial of existence by using either the more secure NSEC3 standard or the less secure NSEC standard. Because trust anchors are used to validate DNS responses, you also need to specify how trust anchors are updated and distributed. Typically, you’ll want to automatically update and distribute trust anchors. By default, records are signed with SHA-1 and SHA-256 encryption. You can select other encryption algorithms as well.. To create a nonforwarding or forwarding-only DNS server, follow these steps:. Install a network-attached print device by following these steps:. You can disable spooling by selecting the Print Directly To The Printer option. The following additional check boxes let you configure other spooling options:. 6.On the Select Recovery Type page, do one of the following:.