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You can’t run Check Disk with both the/scanand/spotfixoptions because the scan and repair tasks are now independent of each other.. [Картинка: _211.png]. Managing sessions and shares is a common administrative task. Before you shut down a server or an application running on a server, you might want to disconnect users from shared resources. You might also need to disconnect users when you plan to change access permissions or delete a share entirely. Another reason to disconnect users is to break locks on files. You disconnect users from shared resources by ending the related user sessions.ENDING INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS. 3.On the Shadow Copies tab, select the volume with which you want to work in the Select A Volume list.. 2.If the user doesn’t have an existing entry on the volume, you can create it by choosing New Quota Entry from the Quota menu. This opens the Select Users dialog box.. Generally, most automatic updates are installed only when a computer is shut down and restarted. Some automatic updates can be installed immediately without interrupting system services or requiring system restart. To ensure that some updates can be installed immediately, follow these steps:. 5.If the computer needs to access other TCP/IP networks, the Internet, or other subnets, you must specify a default gateway. Enter the IP address of the network’s default router in the Default Gateway text box.. You can view and change the per-scope DNS integration settings by following these steps:. To better detect and avoid potential conflicts, you can enable IPv4 address conflict detection by following these steps:. Reconciling checks the client leases and reservations against the DHCP database on the server. If inconsistencies are found between what is registered in the Windows registry and what is recorded in the DHCP server database, you can select and reconcile any inconsistent entries. After the entries you select are reconciled, DHCP either restores the IP address to the original owner or creates a temporary reservation for the IP address. When the lease time expires, the address is recovered for future use.. ?Open the printer’s Properties dialog box, and then tap or click the Sharing tab. Select the List In Directory check box, and then tap or click OK.. ? Sysprint.sepSets the print device to PostScript mode and prints a separator page before each document. ? Disk drivesDisk drives provide one of the fastest ways to back up and restore files. With disk drives, you can often accomplish in minutes what takes a tape drive hours. When business needs mandate a speedy recovery, nothing beats a disk drive. The drawback to disk drives is a relatively high cost compared to tapes (though you’d also need to compare the initial hardware investment).. Working with Wbadmin commands. You can manage backups and their configurations by using the following commands and command-line syntaxes:.