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Standards-based storage management focuses on the storage volumes themselves rather than the underlying physical layout, relying on hardware to handle the architecture particulars for data redundancy and the portions of disks that are presented as usable disks. This means the layout of the physical disks is controlled by the storage subsystem instead of by the operating system.. 6.On the Specify The Provisioning Type page, select the provisioning type. Storage can be provisioned in a thin disk or a fixed disk. With thin-disk provisioning, the volume uses space from the storage pool as needed, up to the volume size. With fixed provisioning, the volume has a fixed size and uses space from the storage pool equal to the volume size. Click Next.. From the most restrictive to the least restrictive, the share permissions available are as follows:. 7.Tap or click Select A Principal to display the Select User, Computer, Service Account Or Group dialog box. Enter the name of a user or a group account. Be sure to reference the user account name rather than the user’s full name. Only one name can be entered at a time.. 2.In the console tree, expand Storage. Press and hold or right-click Disk Management, point to All Tasks, and then tap or click Configure Shadow Copies.. FIGURE 4–7After you enable quota management, you can configure a quota limit and quota warning for all users.. You can define security settings for file paths by following these steps:. You can make changes to a setting stored in the database by following these steps:. The Security Configuration Wizard has the following configuration sections:. ? Also Apply Redirection Policy ToApplies the redirection policy to early releases of Windows as well.. Creating forwarding servers. ? Overwrite Existing PrintersWhen you choose this option and existing printer queues have the same names as those you are importing, the wizard overwrites the existing printer queues with the information from the printer queues you are importing.. 4.On the Set Notifications (Optional) page, you can specify whether to send an email message, run a script, or take both actions when the specified criteria are met. Tap or click Finish to complete the configuration.. 1.If the computer won’t start as usual, the Recovery screen is displayed during startup. On the Recovery screen, tap or click Troubleshoot.. If the user’s account exists and you previously backed up the user’s profile and then restored the profile to recover a deleted certificate, the user can still work with the encrypted data. Otherwise, there’s no way to work with the data, and you need to have a designated recovery agent access the files, and then remove the encryption..