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? BasicThe standard fixed disk type. Basic disks are divided into partitions and are the original disk type for early Windows operating systems.. TIPOften, you will need to restart a system several times to completely convert the active boot partition. Don’t panic. Let the system proceed with the conversion.. Any time you add files to or remove files from a drive, the data on the drive can become fragmented. When a drive is fragmented, large files can’t be written to a single continuous area on the disk. As a result, the operating system must write the file to several smaller areas on the disk, which means more time is spent reading the file from the disk. To reduce fragmentation, Windows Server 2012 R2 can manually or automatically analyze and optimize disks by using the Optimize Drives utility.. 3.On the Quota menu, tap or click Close to exit the Quota Entries dialog box.. [Картинка: img8ad8.jpg]. As stated previously, you use the Security Configuration And Analysis snap-in to apply templates and to compare the settings in a template to the current settings on a computer. Applying a template ensures that a computer conforms to a specific security configuration. Comparing settings can help you identify any discrepancies between what is implemented currently and what is defined in a security template. This can also be useful to determine whether security settings have changed over time.. ?Create a security policy. Beginning with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, current Windows operating systems also support Windows PowerShell scripts. When Windows PowerShell is installed on computers that process a particular GPO, you can use Windows PowerShell scripts in much the same way as you use other scripts. You have the option of running Windows PowerShell scripts before or after other types of scripts.. a.Tap or click Add, and then enter the gateway address in the Gateway text box.. b.By default, Windows Server 2012 R2 automatically assigns a metric to the gateway. You can also assign the metric yourself. To do this, clear the Automatic Metric check box, enter a metric in the text box provided, and then tap or click Add.. [Картинка: img3fd7.jpg]. 4.The Start IP Address and End IP Address boxes define the valid IP address range for the scope. Enter a start address and an end address in these boxes. You must define multicast scopes by using Class D IP addresses. This means the valid IP address range is to 1.With the user logged on, tap or click Start, and then tap or click Devices And Printers. In Devices And Printers, tap or click Add A Printer to start the Add Printer Wizard.. Locating the Spool folder and enabling printing on NTFS. ?To browse for a system image on the network, tap or click Advanced, and then tap or click Search For A System Image On The Network. When you are prompted to confirm that you want to connect to the network, tap or click Yes. In the Network Folder text box, specify the location of the server and shared folder in which the system image is stored, such as\\FileServer22\Backups, and then tap or click OK..