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Fig. 1-13. Different kinds of transparency in a distributed system.. Similarly, the head of passenger service can decide to drop the rubber chicken and go for Mushy’s new special, prime rib of goat, without that decision affecting the secretaries. The thing to notice is that we have two layers here, the bosses and the secretaries. Each layer has its own protocol (subjects of discussion and technology) that can be changed independently of the other one. It is precisely this independence that makes layered protocols attractive. Each one can be changed as technology improves, without the other ones being affected.. grep rat< f5 | sort>f6. As an example of the primary-backup solution, consider the simple protocol of Fig. 4-22 in which a write operation is depicted. The client sends a message to the primary, which does the work and then sends an update message to the backup. When the backup gets the message, it does the work and then sends an acknowledgement back to the primary. When the acknowledgement arrives, the primary sends the reply to the client.. 2. Preemptive versus nonpreemptive scheduling.. 4. Centralized versus decentralized.. Fig. 5-2. (a) A directory tree contained on one machine. (b) A directory graph on two machines.. 1. How to simulate associative addressing without massive searching.. Additional optimizations are also used. For example, the hashing scheme described above distributes the tuples of a given subspace into bins, to restrict searching to a single bin. It is possible to place different bins on different machines, both to spread the load more widely and to take advantage of locality. If the hashing function is the key modulo the number of machines, the number of bins scales linearly with the system size. . When a processor crashes, initially no one detects this event. Sooner or later, however, some kernel notices that messages sent to the crashed machine are not being acknowledged, so the kernel marks the crashed processor as dead and the group as unusable. All subsequent group communication primitives on that machine fail (return an error status) until the group has been reconstructed.. Writing a file in several operations is complicated by the fact that bullet server files are guaranteed to be immutable. This problem is dealt with by introducing two kinds of files,uncommitted files, which are in the process of being created, andcommitted files, which are permanent. uncommitted files can be changed; committed files cannot be. an rpc doing acreate must specify whether the file is to be committed immediately or not.. Fig. 8-8. Selected Mach calls for managing virtual memory.. Finally, the fourth option marks ports that no longer exist but for which capabilities with SEND rights still exist. When a port is deleted, for example, because the process holding the RECEIVE capability for it has exited, the kernel tracks down all the SEND capabilities and marks them as dead. Attempts to send to null and dead capabilities fail with an appropriate error code. When all the SEND capabilities for a port are gone, for whatever reasons, the kernel (optionally) sends a message notifying the receiver that there are no senders left and no messages will be forthcoming.Primitives for Managing Ports. Memory management in Chorus supports 26 different system calls plus several upcalls from the kernel to the mappers. In this section we will briefly describe just the more important ones. The calls we will describe relate to region management(rgn prefix), segment management(sg prefix), and upcalls to the mappers(Mp prefix— notmp, which is used for miniport calls, described later). The calls not described here relate to managing local caches(lc prefix) and virtual memory(vm prefix).. This process handles those system calls relating to System V messages (not Chorus messages), System V semaphores (not Chorus semaphores), and System V shared memory (not Chorus shared memory). The system calls are unpleasant and the code is taken mostly from System V itself. The less said about them, the better.Configurability.