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Bus-based multiprocessors consist of some number of CPUs all connected to a common bus, along with a memory module. A simple configuration is to have a high-speed backplane or motherboard into which CPU and memory cards can be inserted. A typical bus has 32 or 64 address lines, 32 or 64 data lines, and perhaps 32 or more control lines, all of which operate in parallel. To read a word of memory, a CPU puts the address of the word it wants on the bus address lines, then puts a signal on the appropriate control lines to indicate that it wants to read. The memory responds by putting the value of the word on the data lines to allow the requesting CPU to read it in. Writes work in a similar way.. Fig. 1-9. Two clients and a server in a network operating system.. 2.3.1. Clients and Servers. #include. A second problem is weakly-typed languages, like C. In a strongly-typed language, like Pascal, the compiler, and thus the stub procedure, knows everything there is to know about all the parameters. This knowledge allows the stub to marshal the parameters without difficulty. In C, however, it is perfectly legal to write a procedure that computes the inner product of two vectors (arrays), without specifying how large either one is. Each could be terminated by a special value known only to the calling and called procedure. Under these circumstances, it is essentially impossible for the client stub to marshal the parameters: it has no way of determining how large they are.. The general goal of distributed agreement algorithms is to have all the non-faulty processors reach consensus on some issue, and do that within a finite number of steps. Different cases are possible depending on system parameters, including:. Based on his experience with various distributed file systems, Satyanarayanan (1990b) has stated some general principles that he believes distributed file system designers should follow. We have summarized these in Fig. 5-15. The first principle says that workstations have enough CPU power that it is wise to use them wherever possible. In particular, given a choice of doing something on a workstation or on a server, choose the workstation because server cycles are precious and workstation cycles are not.. Any read to a memory location x returns the value stored by the most recent write operation to x.. Fig. 7-16. A FLIP system with five machines and two networks.. All standard servers in Amoeba are defined by a set of stub procedures. The newer stubs are defined inAIL, theAmoeba Interface Language,although the older ones are handwritten in C. The stub procedures are generated by the AIL compiler from the stub definitions and then placed in the library so that clients can use them. In effect, the stubs define precisely what services the server provides and what their parameters are. In our discussion below, we will refer to the stubs frequently.. If a runnable thread is found, it is scheduled and run for one quantum. At the end of the quantum, both the local and global run queues are checked to see if any other threads at its priority or higher are runnable, with the understanding that all threads on the local run queue have higher priority than all threads on the global run queue. If a suitable candidate is found, a thread switch occurs. If not, the thread is run for another quantum. Threads may also be preempted. On multiprocessors, the length of the quantum is variable, depending on the number of threads that are runnable. The more runnable threads and the fewer CPUs here are, the shorter the quantum. This algorithm gives good response time to short requests, even on heavily loaded systems, but provides high efficiency i.e., long quanta) on lightly loaded systems.. 8.3.1. Virtual Memory. TheMpRelease call returns a segment created usingMpCreate. MpPullIn is used by the kernel to acquire data from a newly created or existing segment. The mapper is required to respond to it by sending a message containing the pages needed. By using clever MMU programming, the pages need not be copied physically.. Fig. 10-12. Selected scheduling calls.. In addition to the DUA and DSA processes, there are also separate stub processes that handle the wide-area communication using the OSI ASCE and ROSE protocols on top of the OSI transport protocols..