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File servers generally maintain hierarchical file systems, each with a root directory containing subdirectories and files. Workstations can import or mount these file systems, augmenting their local file systems with those located on the servers. For example, in Fig. 1-10, two file servers are shown. One has a directory calledgames, while the other has a directory calledwork. These directories each contain several files. Both of the clients shown have mounted both of the servers, but they have mounted them in different places in their respective file systems. Client 1 has mounted them in its root directory, and can access them as /games and/work, respectively. Client 2, like client 1, has mountedgames in its root directory, but regarding the reading of mail and news as a kind of game, has created a directory/games/work and mountedwork there. Consequently, it can accessnews using the path/games/work/news rather than/work/news..  struct message m1; /* message buffer */.   /* Write the data just received to the destination file. */. In the alternative view, a synchronous primitive is one in which the sender is blocked until the receiver has accepted the message and the acknowledgement has gotten back to the sender. Everything else is asynchronous in this view. There is complete agreement that if the sender gets control back before the message has been copied or sent, the primitive is asynchronous. Similarly, everyone agrees that when the sender is blocked until the receiver has acknowledged the message, we have a synchronous primitive.. Three different approaches to this problem are possible. The first one is just to redefine the semantics ofsend to be unreliable. The system gives no guarantee about messages being delivered. Implementing reliable communication is entirely up to the users. The post office works this way. When you drop a letter in a letterbox, the post office does its best (more or less) to deliver it, but it promises nothing.. One hardware feature that greatly helps eliminate unnecessary copying isscatter-gather.A network chip that can do scatter-gather can be set up to assemble a packet by concatenating two or more memory buffers. The advantage of this method is that the kernel can build the packet header in kernel space, leaving the user data in the client stub, with the hardware pulling them together as the packet goes out the door. Being able to gather up a packet from multiple sources eliminates copying. Similarly, being able to scatter the header and body of an incoming packet into different buffers also helps on the receiving end.. In some systems the workstations have local disks and in others they do not. The latter are universally calleddiskless workstations,but the former are variously known asdiskful workstations,ordisky workstations,or even stranger names. If the workstations are diskless, the file system must be implemented by one or more remote file servers. Requests to read and write files are sent to a file server, which performs the work and sends back the replies.. Distributed Shared Memory. Fig. 6-14. Three parallel processes.. Small multiprocessors are often bus based, but large ones are switched. The protocols the large ones use require complex data structures and algorithms to keep the caches consistent. NUMA multiprocessors avoid this complexity by forcing the software to make all the decisions about which pages to place on which machine.. The other form of communication is group communication. It allows a message to be sent from one source to multiple destinations. Software protocols provide reliable, fault-tolerant group communication to user processes in the presence of lost messages and other errors.. 9.1.5. Kernel Structure. The object manager handles files, swap space, and other forms of tangible information. It may also contain the disk driver. In addition to its exception port, the object manager has a port for receiving paging requests and a port for receiving requests from local or remote process managers. When a request comes in, a thread is dispatched to handle it. Several object manager threads may be active at once.. 4. Why does Chorus need system processes in addition to user processes and kernel processes?. 5. A programmer has just written a piece of multithreaded code that uses a private data structure. The data structure may not be accessed by more than one thread at a time. Which kind of mutex should be used to protect it?.