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can windows 7 be updated how windows firewall works

• Keyboard: Press Winkey + , (comma). • Ease of Access: As you may expect, this settings group includes all of the Windows accessibility features, including Narrator, Screen Magnifier, high contrast, and so on.. Figure 5-31: You should orient the onscreen displays to mirror how the displays line up in real life. [Картинка: i_154.jpg]. First, open the desktop version of Internet Explorer, as you can’t change search providers using IE Metro. Now open the Tools menu by clicking the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the window (or type Alt + T); then, click Manage Add-ons. This opens the Manage Add-ons window.. Configuring IE 10 Metro. Now, just type in a search term. This can be part of an e-mail message or subject line, or the name of a person who has sent you e-mail (or received e-mail from you). When you tap Enter, the search results appear within the Message pane of the currently selected account in the Mail app, as shown in Figure 8-26.. In Windows 8, Microsoft has adapted many excellent Bing services into Metro-style apps. And while some of them are worth only a passing mention, one app in this group, Bing Maps, is quite useful.. Figure 9-1: Xbox Music and Video both require a Microsoft account to be used fully. [Картинка: i_293.jpg]. Figure 9-19: The Windows Photo Viewer application provides basic features related to viewing and sharing photos from the Windows desktop. [Картинка: i_311.jpg]. • Multiplayer online games: You’re not (necessarily) alone when you game on Windows 8. Metro-style games can support full multiplayer capabilities as well, letting you compete with others online in real time.. Unlike Games for Windows – LIVE, Xbox LIVE for Windows Phone wasn’t a horrible compromise, and it provided access to great Xbox LIVE games, with achievements and other Xbox LIVE features. Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone was so successful, in fact, that Microsoft decided to bring it to Windows 8 as well.. • Understanding the Windows 8 improvements to Action Center and other security features. Connecting to and Managing Wired and Wireless Networks. Windows 8 supports a number of disk encryption technologies, which prevents thieves from accessing sensitive data should your computer be physically stolen: If the thief removes your hard drive and attaches it to a different computer, any encrypted files cannot be read even if the thief figures out a way to access the hard drive’s filesystem. There are two major technologies at play here: the older Encrypting File System, or EFS, and BitLocker, a more modern and easily managed system.EFS. Note that some Windows key shortcuts can be used in tandem with the Shift key to cycle objects in the opposite direction..