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Figure 1-8: Beauty and brains: Ultrabooks have it all. [Картинка: i_009.jpg]. Lock Screen: A New Way to Sign In. Because an ISO file works like physical storage, it can be used like any other storage device. You can navigate through its virtual directory structure using File Explorer, copy files out as needed, and even run applications contained within the file. This means, for example, that you no longer need to burn an ISO file to disc if you don’t want to. Instead, you can just mount it in the filesystem and run whatever Setup or other applications it contains.. While Windows does offer some basic applications and, in Windows 8, some new Metro-style apps as well, most Windows users will want to install a number of more full-featured Windows applications, such as Microsoft Office, as well. And while Microsoft is moving inexorably to a future of Metro-style apps, Windows 8 also works with traditional (one might say,“old-fashioned”) Windows applications almost exactly like its predecessors. But there have been a handful of improvements in this area, so we’ll discuss the changes in this section.. Figure 6-7: Viewing a subcategory only [Картинка: i_171.jpg]. • Me: Here, you can view and edit your own online persona.. This choice is pretty liberating, and you may find yourself queuing up a few movie rentals for the weekend on your Windows 8 tablet but then watch them at home via your Xbox 360 and HDTV. Or you could stream part of a purchased movie on the 360 and then finish watching it in downloaded form on your Windows 8 tablet on the way to work the next morning (assuming you commute by bus or train, of course).. • Gamertag: This is your identity, or name, on Xbox LIVE, and it will be the same name you previously established for your Microsoft account. If you’re not happy with this name, you can change it at any time, but Microsoft charges $10 each time in order to prevent kids from constantly changing their names while playing games. Yes, really.. Windows 8 includes such a feature. It’s called Storage Spaces, and it works with both NTFS- and ReFS-formatted disks, providing a safe, secure, and redundant way for you to provision, manage, and use storage that spans multiple disks, replicating your data automatically.. Accessing System Image Backup and Recovery Functionality with Windows Backup. Or you could use a third-party service such as CrashPlan—which we’re both using because of its low cost and excellent performance—Carbonite, or similar.. To change an account’s type, click the link Manage another account in the User Accounts control panel. This will change the display to resemble Figure 12-8, where you can choose an account to change.. • Seamless network connections: In Windows XP, unconnected wired and wireless network connections would leave ugly red icons in your system tray, and creating new connections was confusing and painful. Now Windows connects to secure networks automatically. Windows will also automatically disable networking hardware that isn’t in use, a boon for mobile computer users on-the-go who want to preserve battery life.. We’ll look at these options in a moment. For now, the goal is to get this connection set up. So click Connect to continue.. Windows 8: Big Upgrade, or Biggest Upgrade Ever?.