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can windows 7 still be updated how windows to go works

This capability means that Windows 8 will get better over time without Microsoft needing to update the OS itself. Third-party developers will extend the system’s abilities by implementing the Share contract, and by doing so will make Windows 8, and many other apps that run within it, better than they were before.. Figure 4-10: You can snap Metro-style apps next to the desktop. [Картинка: i_089.jpg]. That is, if you find yourself using the Metro user experience a lot, perhaps because you’re using a touch-based device like a tablet, you’ll probably want to stick with Internet Explorer for Metro. But if you are using a more traditional mouse- and keyboard-based system, perhaps a desktop PC or laptop, the desktop version of Internet Explorer will be what you’re looking for.. Keyboard users will want to remember one of two quick keyboard shortcuts to more quickly bring up the address bar: Alt + D or Ctrl + L. Of course, with a mouse, you can simply right-click any blank area in IE Metro.. If you’re familiar with pinned sites in IE 9 and Windows 7, you know that they run in their own browser frame. But this isn’t the case with IE 10 Metro and Windows 8. Instead, these pinned sites load inside the same IE Metro app as any other web pages, and they will load alongside whatever other tabswere already open in the browser.. Figure 8-19: Adding a new e-mail account [Картинка: i_247.jpg]. Figure 8-26: Search for e-mail from anywhere in Windows 8. [Картинка: i_254.jpg]. For these and other slightly more advanced scenarios, you’ll need to turn to the Windows desktop. Here, you’ll find some features that are built into Windows 8 directly, and a few that will require some optional and free Microsoft applications that may or may not be installed on your PC or device.. Search works as it does throughout Windows 8, and

you can trigger a search of the store from within Xbox Music or at any time from elsewhere in the OS. To do so, display the Search charm (Winkey + Q) and, if you’re not already using Xbox Music, be sure to select Music from the apps list in the search pane.. If you’ve used the Xbox Music app described earlier in this chapter or are familiar with the video playback capabilities of the Xbox 360 video game console, the Xbox Video app will be immediately familiar. As you can see in Figure 9-39, this app is a typical, Metro-style full-screen experience that extends horizontally and looks and works much like the Xbox Music app.. • Motto: This is a 21-character textual representation of who you are and what you stand for. I’ve used such bon mots asThe end is listless andPwned.. You can type virtually anything Xbox related—a game, movie, or TV show name, for example, or perhaps an actor or musical band name—and the app will then show search results in a graphical Metro-style interface that is sorted by videos, games, and music. For example, a search forVan Halen reveals a number of relevant results in the music category.The Office, however, will be most relevant under videos, since it’s a hit TV show.. Chapter 13 discusses homegroups, which is a networking feature that makes home-based sharing easier than ever.. If only there was a way around this limitation.. In October 2009, I participated in the Windows 7 launch at the World Forum in the Hague, Netherlands. It was easily the most beautiful theater I’ve ever spoken in, and while I have many memories of that all-too-short trip to Europe, one stands out..

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