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• DirectAccess: A modern alternative to a VPN (virtual private network), DirectAccess lets remote users seamlessly access corporate network resources without dealing with the hassles common to VPN solutions.. On a single disk PC, you must select the partition on which Windows 7 is installed—it’s almost always the C: drive—right-click it, and choose Shrink Volume. In the Shrink window, shown in Figure 2-22, enter the amount of space to shrink the partition in MB. This space will be used for the Windows 8 partition, which you’ll create next.. For example, Microsoft has gotten the app bug. Everything to them is an app these days. And that includes new Metro-style apps—those apps that run in the new environment described in this chapter—as well as old-school, Windows desktop-based applications. Folks, desktop applications are not apps. They’re applications. And we differentiate them from Metro-style apps—because they are very different—by giving them adifferent name. So when we use the term app, we’re referring only to Metro-style apps. When we use the term application, we’re referring only to desktop-based applications.. Most important, perhaps, you can also use this interface to post to supported social networks. If you have more than one configured, you’ll see a drop-down letting you choose the service you want to use, and a text box labeled “What’s on your mind?” where you can type in your new post.. Bing. Photos and Camera actually work fine without a Microsoft account, go figure, but as you’ll see, you will need to sign into various online services to use Photos to its fullest. But Microsoft’s new Metro-style entertainment apps, Xbox Music and Xbox Video (and the related Xbox Companion) do require you to sign-in with a Microsoft account to be used effectively.. Furthermore, you can receive notifications during gameplay. This can be helpful if you’re whittling away a few minutes before a meeting or other event, and you wish to be alerted when it’s time to get back to work. A typical notification, again being displayed over a game, can be seen in Figure 10-3.. As you can see in Figure 10-6, the Games group is the first actual category of apps displayed in the main screen of the Windows Store.. • Play on Xbox 360: This button appears next to Xbox 360 games. If you click this button, the Xbox Companion app, described a bit later in this chapter, will open and attempt to connect to your Xbox 360 console and start the game.. To better understand File History, let’s see it in action.. But fear not, it’s there. Just search forrecovery instead—from the Start screen or Control Panel—and you’ll see a result called Windows 7 File Recovery. This, as it turns out, is both the way to access Windows Backup and a none-too-subtle reminder that Microsoft really wants you to consider using something else.. This approach isn’t as sophisticated as using (or linking) a Microsoft account. You’ll need to sign in a few different times, to different app groups—Microsoft considers the productivity (or what it calls “communications”) apps to be one group, for example, and the Xbox (media and games) apps to be a separate group. And you don’t get the PC-to-PC settings sync functionality that’s available with a real Microsoft account sign-in. But if you don’t have a choice—or are just really, really stubborn—this will at least let you use the built-in Metro apps to their fullest.. The resulting book, the one you now hold, is the product of this reimagining. It is significantly shorter than the previous book—about a third shorter, I guess—and doesn’t drift into surrounding ecosystem products and services unless they’re central to the discussion. Part of the reason we’re able to do this is that Microsoft has simply built so much into Windows 8, while extending its support to cloud services inmore seamless ways. But part of it is us just saying no to peripheral topics as well.. But before diving into Windows 8, it’s important to understand a few basic concepts, especially if you’ll be utilizing this system on a new tablet computer or similar multi-touch-based device. Throughout this book, we make no assumptions abouthow you’ll interact with Windows 8, and we cover multi-touch, mouse, and keyboard throughout, so no one gets left out. But multi-touch-based Windows machines, while not technically new, are going to become a lot more popular with Windows 8. And more important, perhaps, Microsoft has seriously bolstered multi-touch support in Windows 8 so that it is now an incredible, integrated experience. And if you’re using a multi-touch device of any kind, you’ll want to know a few basics.. Figure 13: Metro-style apps offer more commands on hidden app bars. [Картинка: i_460.jpg].