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can windows applications run on mac where is windows media center

 Chapter 1. Figure 1-3: ARM-based tablets will typically be thinner and lighter, and offer better battery life, than Intel-type designs. [Картинка: i_004.jpg]. • The time to display the list of operating systems: By default, the Windows 8 boot menu will display for 3 seconds. Here, you can change the value to any number of seconds you like.. While it’s possible that the End task button and right-click menu will meet most users’ needs, the power users in the audience are probably looking at the interface and thinking that there are many missing features. But that’s only true because they’re hidden by default. Click More details and TaskManager will expand into a power user’s dream come true. Not only are all the capabilities from the Windows 7 Task Manager present, but there are new capabilities here as well. The advanced Task Manager interface is shown in Figure 4-42.. Rounding out the Windows 8 customization capabilities are a handful of ways in which you can make the Metro and desktop environments interact a bit more seamlessly with each other. Ultimately, the goal here is to help you make Windows 8 work the way you want it to.. • Browser: This settings group encompasses a wide range of Internet Explorer settings, including browser history, Favorites, homepage, Tracking Protection, domain suggestions, and more.. From here, you can tap the app you want, go back to the previous page with the Back button, or tap the subtle Home link to return to the Windows Store home screen.Finding Apps from the Web. One of the classic examples of this latter user interface miscue is Favorites. It’s in there. In fact, IE Metro synchronizes your Favorites list with the desktop version and, if you’ve enabled it, with other PCs as well. But this browser offers absolutely no way to access your Favorites as a list or menu. And it provides no way to save a site as a Favorite. Instead, you must pin favorite sites to the Start screen.. Pinned site tiles can provide simple alphanumeric notification badges just like they can on the taskbar, with the canonical example being an e-mail service that displays the number of unread e-mails. But the tiles for pinned websites simply aren’t as expressive as those for Metro-style apps can be.. Then, tap the Add a comment box on the bottom to add a comment. You can optionally click a Like, Favorite, or Retweet button if available, again depending on the account to which the post was made.. These items, which have been nicely simplified using plain language, include:. Figure 9-5: Facebook is now available in Photos. [Картинка: i_297.jpg]. Naturally, we’ll look at both.Accessing and Playing Your Own Music. First, Media Center is not available on Windows RT or the base version of Windows 8, which is called Windows 8 Core. Instead, you must have Windows 8 Pro before you can get Media Center.. Storage Pool Configuration Options.